125 Years Of Lee Jeans

125 Years Of Lee Jeans

I grew up in Lee Jeans, mine were a faded out light denim but were probably much darker when purchased. I went everywhere in mine, I had the typical rough and tumble childhood, climbing trees, playing in fields of long grass. After years of wear they faded along with the care free memories of youth. It’s sad to say but I’d lost track of the label until recently when I was delighted to receive the…

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Dancing For Recycled Fashion- T-Shirt Necklace

Dancing For Recycled Fashion- T-Shirt Necklace

Jocette- Model Mum Material, Recycled T-shirt Necklace

I had a traditional upbringing, my Mum taught me how to bake, sew, arts and crafts and all sorts of fun little projects that her Mum probably taught her too. She came from a very large family of eight brothers and sisters and hand me downs were part of life. Trying to be an individual my mother found many interesting ways to recycle and…

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