But imagine ot4 having doubts that what if the crowd won’t accept them because it’s all too soon and that people bought their ticketrsm for ot5. 

They step on the stage and all they see are signs: TILL THE END which is a clear message to OT4.

FUCK, I’m emotional just thinking about it.


Okay, so I’ve been super disconnected for a couple of weeks but hey, here’s a couple of Instagram pictures from my trip around South AfricaAfter leaving spending three weeks in the States, I got back to Lagos and left for South Africa a week after. Stopped by Joburg and now in Cape Town. It’s been amazing to be without a phone and wifi and I’m probably going to regret all the networking in Lagos I’ve missed out on. I had a mini meet-up in Joburg and I met some amazing ladies and one awesome family with an incredible story. I’m flattered that my youtube and whatnot has allowed me to feel like I have friends around the world that I don’t even know of lol. The rest of my days are spent mainly eating and lounging tbh… - Yagazie Emezi

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The main reason why @paoloparazzi is my favourite photographer is because he is brilliant! How else will you get to see the bottom of the foot of an elephant? #elephants #satao #tusker #tuskers #tsavo #elephant #africanelephant #asianelephant #africanwildlife #saveelephants #savetheelephants #biglifefoundation #elephantgin #maasaimara #amboseli #kruger #serengeti #kampala #tanzania #nairobi #namibia #capetown #durban #pretoria #johannesburg #joburg #windhoek #harare @elephantgin

So APPARENTLY there’s no free wifi in the stadium, that’s why there’s not many vines or pictures uploaded, but hopefully after the show there will be.

(The word APPARENTLY is necessary, because we’re talking about Twitter…)



Coffices (coffee shop offices) are a huge thing all over the world, and we are very lucky to have quite a few awesome places to work at in Joburg.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine had asked about where one could go to in JHB, to basically sit and work the whole day (with free wifi), but that didn’t necessarily smell like coffee.

This morning, quite by luck, I found THIS place, which has been open for THREE DAYS. 

The Hill is a BEAUTIFUL restaurant situated at Constitution Hill. It is open an airy and beautiful to sit at, either inside or out (outside comes with chess and ping pong tables). And it has free wifi. That could be all the information you may need, but in case you want some more here it is: 

The Hill is open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm, with secure underground parking in the Constitutional Court precinct.

They had an amazing menu a large variety of vegetarian items (the most expensive thing I saw were Ribs for R100). It’s a test menu at the moment, and it seems that it will be changed based on the season, which is epic because that means you get to eat fresh stuff.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to try any of the food save for a chip offered to me by a guy who was sitting there, and as per his advice “a french fry [chip] is a pretty good barometer of how good the food at a restaurant is”. That chip was AMAZING. I am totally going back there to munch on something. (Vincent the manager says that his favourite item is the pulled pork sandwich) 

The venue is spacious and beautiful (yes I know I’ve said that already) and is available for private events (Birthday parties? Wknd Social? hint hint).

You can contact them on 011 339 1005 or info(at)

Hopefully we’ll catch each other there for lunch soon, but if not, tell Vincent that Amy sent you, and tell a friend!


*p.s. Just found out that the team who designed the restaurant’s beee–yoo-teee-full inside and out is the Local Studio urban architectural design team (Check out their website here, or their fb page here. ) together with Emmaneel VD Merwe from New Found Form who did the branding and art direction.