Working at the United Nations: Insider Application Tips


Do you want to work at the United Nations? Just last month we had the opportunity to meet with HR officials from several UN agencies who shared their insight into the hiring process. Read on for our tips on applying!

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I'm so rad!

I got the job at the women’s shelter I applied to. I’m making a living wage!

Also I still work my other job during the day as an inclusion specialist for adults with special needs.

Winter will be full of so much work, but I am so happy about both of them.
This has never happened to me before.

Guys! Two meaningful, sweet jobs!
Omg I’m my own hero right now.
Fuck yeah!

5 Awesome Fashion & Beauty Jobs Only Science Buffs Can Get

Have you ever wondered how your beauty products are developed? Or about the different fabrics that are hanging in your closet? Would you believe me if I told you that all beauty products and fabrics are created by scientists? I know, crazy right? But, it’s true. We wouldn’t have any of these things without super cool women working in labs all over the world. If you’ve ever thought about a career in fashion or beauty you need to get into science! Here are five awesome jobs you didn’t know you could have in the fashion and beauty industry if you love science.  

I like the community we’ve built here, so let’s try something, eh? -ts

Seeking a paid digital editorial #intern who loves sharing/ #socialmedia and can sandwich me into their course load. Pref #NYC so you can log some office hours, but remote also possible if you knock my socks off. Serious candidates/ referrals email me at with #INTERNSHIP in the subject line, links to blogs, social profiles and TLs in the body, and resume attached. #YouBettaWERK

Come intern with us!

We’re hiring PAID interns to start ASAP. Details below: is seeking driven, enthusiastic web editorial interns to work out of our Manhattan office for 2-3 days a week starting ASAP. The ideal candidate is a bright undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a career in journalism who possesses solid research and writing skills and a knack for all things web.

Interns will gain hands-on experience in a digital newsroom by assisting The Week’s team of editors in researching, pitching, writing, and promoting stories. Other responsibilities include moderating comments, building articles in the CMS, and other aspects of basic web production.

Location: New York City
Pay: $8/hour
Contact name: Samantha Rollins

Please send a cover letter, resume, availability, and two writing samples to Samantha Rollins at with the subject line “WEB EDITORIAL INTERNSHIP”.

Good luck!

anonymous said:

how do you get a job with marvel ( or internship ) if you don't live in New York?

Honestly, getting a job or internship at Marvel isn’t dependent upon where you live when you apply. If you get said job or internship? Well, then you’ll need to live in NY (or LA if that’s the job/office you’re in) or move to NY. So, that said, you apply and hope you’re the right person for the position!

Go to and git ‘er dun.


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Your smartphone is amazing, but ask it to do something it doesn’t have an app for and it just sits there. Without programmers to write apps, computers are useless.

That could soon change. DeepMind Technologies, a London-based artificial-intelligence firm acquired by Google this year, has revealed that it is designing computers that combine the way ordinary computers work with the way the human brain works. They call this hybrid device a Neural Turing Machine. The hope is it won’t need programmers, and will instead program itself.

(more at

Nerd Corps Entertainment Recruiting Storyboard Artist

Nerd Corps Entertainment Recruiting Storyboard Artist

Nerd Corps Entertainment Recruiting Storyboard Artist

Nerd Corps Entertainment Seeking Storyboard Artist for Monster High (Vancouver)

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