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lastlife0726 replied to your post “Only at my job do I go into the costume shop and ask for whatever sexy bar maid stuff they have that I can borrow…”

O_o Don’t you work in a packing industry?

HAHAH! No! That was a summer gig… I was just helping the company I used to work for out with their big charity event that I used to run. 

I’m currently in school getting a masters degree, but I also run my own costuming business, work at the university costume shop, bake for my school, and work at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. 

When my tablet’s not broken, I also take digital commissions. 

So that post is a criss-cross of my jobs. I’m borrowing costuming from the costume shop for a promo with the RenFest. :P 

I work a lot… 

Only 6% of city-funded construction jobs go to actual Seattle residents

When I first moved to Seattle, someone told me that the more cranes on the skyline, the better, because it meant both progress and jobs. Which is only partially true; yes, construction does mean **some** local construction jobs, but a lot of big, city-funded projects actually send our money elsewhere.

According to a press release from the Office of the Mayor, “a recent city-commissioned study by the UCLA Labor Center found that just 6 percent of jobs on City funded construction projects went to Seattle residents and 25 percent to King County residents. African Americans received a meager 3 percent of work hours despite being 8 percent of Seattle’s population.”

Which is like, really pretty bullshit. So we’re pretty OK with Got Green’s proposal, which isn’t new, and wasn’t Murray’s idea, btw. It’s been going on for over a year (i.e. pre-Murray) but it’s been stuck in gridlock because of course it has / Seattle Process / committees — that is being presented this morning. 

“The impetus was the 2012 Rainier Beach community center redevelopment, where only 10 of 348 workers were Seattle residents,” said Meg Matthews, of the Sierra Club, in an email. 

Unfortunately, there may be conflict with the unions; the proposal requires project labor agreements. However, in the City’s press release, this is directly addressed:

The legislation also directs the City’s Department of Finance and Administrative Services to execute a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) for projects meeting the $5 million threshold for construction costs. PLAs provide a means for unions and union contractors to meet priority hire objectives. PLAs will also ensure that workers and contractors have access to dispute resolution resources and clear rules to help avoid the risk of labor stoppages and/or shortages.

The coalition to make this a reality meets this morning, and Murray will be trying to get City Council to move their asses and make this a thing. Fingers crossed they actually do it and don’t, you know, derp the fuck out like they always goddamn do. 

Jobs for Writers on

PW has a good job listing page just for writers. It’s interesting to browse through whether you’re actively looking for a job, or just want to see what sorts of jobs writers can have!

We also a post did a post a while ago where former English majors wrote in and told us what there jobs are now. You can read that here or on our Writing Advice page under “Education and Careers”.

8 Tips On How To Make Money While You’re In School

Babysitting: I know it sounds lame and cliche, but babysitting is such a great way to earn extra money. If you know of anyone with kids, offer to babysit if they ever need help, or tell a few people to get the word out. In high school and college, I made a ton of money doing random babysitting jobs. People will pay a lot for a good babysitter, and if you do it on weekends, it’s not that bad. Also, if you get an easy kid(s), you can do homework while you’re there. And if babysitting isn’t an option, try being a mother’s helper. This is when you’re watching the kid while the parent is around. It doesn’t pay as well, but it’s a great option if you’re young and can’t be alone with them yet.