“The article by reporter Deborah Vankin notes that women make up the majority of students at acclaimed schools like…

  • CalArts: 71%
  • USC’s John C. Hench Division: 65%
  • UCLA’s master’s in animation: 68%
  • Ringling College’s computer animation program: 70%

However, women make up just 21% of artists, writers and technicians employed under an Animation Guild contract this year.

‘They come out of art school and aren’t hired for the creative jobs,’ Marge Dean, co-president of the nonprofit advocacy group Women in Animation, told the paper. ‘They end up being PAs [production assistants] or on the production management track, the housekeepers and the organizers as opposed to the creators.’”

Some of the items in this list are no-brainers, but others are really interesting, particularly the I/We balance and the discussion of how you should keep your answers relevant to the position you’re applying for. A good read for job-hunters, though if you spend a lot of time being anxious about interviews, skip it, it’ll only make you more so :D

La familia recibía la revista Life, y en julio de 1968 se publicó una estremecedora portada en la que se mostraba a un par de niños famélicos de Biafra. Jobs llevó el ejemplar a la escuela dominical y le planteó una pregunta al pastor de la iglesia. «Si levanto un dedo, ¿sabrá Dios cuál voy a levantar incluso antes de que lo haga?». El pastor contestó: «Sí, Dios lo sabe todo». Entonces Jobs sacó la portada de Life y preguntó: «Bueno, ¿entonces sabe Dios lo que les ocurre y lo que les va a pasar a estos niños?». «Steve, ya sé que no lo entiendes, pero sí, Dios también lo sabe».
Entonces Jobs dijo que no quería tener nada que ver con la adoración de un Dios así, y nunca más volvió a la iglesia.
—  “Steve Jobs” - Walter Isaacson.
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I work at a ranch in North Carolina (about an hour from Asheville. And we are REALLY understaffed in Kitchen/Housekeeping. And we NEED more bodies to work. We have room in the bunkhouse and will take guys or girls at this point. Basically, high season (summer) is going to suck for me if we don’t get more help. So PLEASE…… If you need work….. We’ll pay $400 a month, plus room/board/wifi/cable….. AND we’ll feed you meals. Also, you’ll get a share of the tip pool at the end of the summer. (Usually the tips are pretty good too!) 

PLEASE GUYS…… If you’ve been in college (or at least away from home) for at least a year…. Contact Clear Creek Guest Ranch: 828-675-4510

I’M BEGGING YOU GUYS. I don’t want to overwork myself this summer and we’re DESPERATE. There HAS to be someone out there who is looking for a summer job. You can drive here if you have a car or maybe fly here and we’ll pick you up at the airport. WE NEED HELP. PLEASE. 

anonymous asked:

Sam, you great knower of things! I've been unemployed for a couple of years since graduating university, and while I've done a few graphic works for people (mostly friends/family) I was not paid for them. Would it be ok/disonest to put in my CV that I've been doing freelance work? I really need a job, but I fear that when they know i haven't been working I'll be dismissed instantly...

Gahhh unemployment sucks. It’s good you’ve been keeping busy! 

It is 100% okay to put unpaid work on your CV. You still did the work, and it’ll fill up the gaps a little and show that you are eager to work. I wouldn’t even put that it’s unpaid; I’ve got at least one unpaid internship on mine still, and I don’t list it as such. 

Hiring managers do tend to dismiss resumes with gaps in them, which is so fucked up and unfair it’s unbelievable; there’s literally no reason someone who’s been unemployed for a year is a bad candidate, especially in the economy we’ve had for OH THE LAST TEN YEARS OR SO. One interview, I’ve been employed regularly for six years and was regularly for seven before that, but there was a one year gap and they asked me about it. ONE YEAR SIX YEARS AGO, are you fucking kidding me?

So yeah, anything that gives you an edge against that is a-ok in my book. In your case, as a freelancer, hell, I’d be making up jobs I did for people and putting those bad boys in my portfolio. Who’s gonna check? 

The hiring process, especially for jobs like graphic design, is so unbelievably stacked against the applicant that the normal rules of ethics go out the window. You have to stay on the right side of the law, so outright lying about where you’ve worked or where you went to school is out, but if there’s no way for them to check and you’re not misrepresenting your abilities, I encourage inflation and untruth in a job application and interview. Subterfuge when all the power is on the other side is not subterfuge; it’s survival

Good luck in the hunt, Anon! Go kick ass! 

HEY GUYS. THIS IS REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT. This is where I’ve been building my life since 2008. I live, work, pay taxes, and love here and I don’t want to just up and move because our legislature decided it didn’t want to take the time to fix this incentive bill properly. PLEASE SIGN. Even if you don’t live in Texas. If you enjoy my blog and you support film production, please support our right to work in our state and continue to contribute to a diverse movie environment. PLEASE SHARE AND SIGN THIS PETITION. It costs no money, but it could save thousands of jobs in Texas from disappearing. 

-Michelle Millette-

Advocacy Assistant at AAUW

Again, no relationship to this job but it sounded awesome

Job Title: Advocacy Assistant

Department/Group: Public Policy & Government Relations

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is the nation’s leading
voice promoting equity and education for women and girls. Since our
founding in 1881, AAUW members have examined and taken positions on the
fundamental issues of the day — educational, social, economic, and
political. Since AAUW’s founding our members and supporters have spoken
out about policies important to women and girls. Without their voices,
invaluable legislation would have never been passed. In recent years, such
legislation included the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Matthew Shepard
and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair
Pay Act.

AAUW’s policy work connects and rallies advocates at the local, state,
national, and global levels to advance our work to empower women and girls.
With the member-endorsed Public Policy Program as our guide, AAUW uses
lobbying and grassroots efforts to push forward policies that break through
educational and economic barriers for women.

*Summary Description*: This position provides administrative assistance to
public policy and government relations department, write action messages,
and responds to requests from state and branch leaders.

Essential Duties:

• Perform basic clerical tasks, including word processing,
copying, faxing, mailing, filing, and managing routine office business.

• Receive and assist visitors and telephone callers; answer
routine questions and route special inquiries; use initiative and judgment
to see that matters requiring attention are referred to appropriate staff.

• Sort and read incoming mail; draft general correspondence.

• Respond to members’ comments, questions, and concerns.

• Maintain filing and records management systems and other
office flow procedures.

• Ensure timely ordering of office and mailing supplies.

• Participate in the preparation, maintenance, and evaluation
of annual budgets for the department.

• Prepare budget paperwork such as check requests and expense

• Participate in the planning and implementation of AAUW
events, conventions, board meetings, conferences, and other special events.

• Develop ongoing relationships with key activists in assigned
states; make routine follow-up phone calls and emails to member leaders.

• Revise, copy and organize letters, and packets of material
distributed and mailed to member leaders, Congress, partners, and others.

• Maintain and update departmental databases and contact lists.

• Develop issue education and election action materials in
conjunction with public policy staff.

• Draft, post and distribute Action Network alerts and
Washington Update.

• Assist in the development of trainings for AAUW state and
branch leaders.

• Together with field staff, assess field strengths and
weaknesses and build member capacity.

• Issues invitations and tracks responses for member and
committee meetings and conference calls.

• Participate on department team projects and staff committees
or task forces on an as-needed basis.

• Keep up-to-date on issues by reading professional journals,
newspapers, magazines, and other relevant sources.

• Be an active supporter and participant in a collegial and
productive work environment.

• Work as a member of the Public Policy & Government Relations
team to ensure the realization of the association’s goals.

• Perform other related/comparable duties as required and


• Associate’s degree required, bachelor’s degree strongly
preferred. Two years’ work experience.

• Good organizational and clerical skills required; strong
computer skills required, including working knowledge of social media
platforms, spreadsheets and database, Microsoft Office.

• Familiarity with CapWiz, Knowlegis, Salsa/COSM or other
advocacy platforms is preferred.

• Excellent written and oral communications skills desired,
including good customer service skills.

• Ability to organize work, follow through on projects,
anticipate project needs, function independently as well as part of a team,
and work effectively with volunteers.

• Excellent written and oral communications skills; and ability
to analyze and synthesize information quickly and accurately.

• Ability to demonstrate and establish professionalism with
diverse group of volunteer leaders in person, over the phone, and in
written communications.

*To Apply*

Submit a résumé with cover letter detailing your interest and
qualifications, along with salary requirements and a relevant organizing
writing sample, by email indicating position title to aauwjobs@aauw.org.

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Mr. Advice Sam, I am very socially nervous and get anxiety easy. How do I tell a job I haven't really started yet that another job that pays more and will work better for me has hired me, and that I no longer want to work for them, in a way that is not so stressful. In other words, how do I say I quit without triggering an anxiety attack?

Well, congrats on the new better-paying job! This happens sometimes, it’s nothing anyone should get upset over.

I would start by writing a letter. And the thing is, you don’t even have to send it – the act of writing the letter will help you sort out what you need to say. Generally it’s pretty easy – “I appreciate the job you’ve offered me and I hate to do this so early in my tenure here, but I’ve received another offer that I’ve accepted.” You don’t have to say why you’ve accepted the other job or answer any questions about it – you can say it was a better fit, or that you accepted the current job before this other job became a factor. You should always express appreciation, which makes people feel better about you leaving, and just keep it simple. :) The less you try to say, the easier it will be on your anxiety.

Remember to breathe deep and talk slowly. You’ll do great. :) And once this is done you have an awesome new job to go to! Good luck. :)