The final two weeks...

I’m beginning to feel a bit low. I feel home sick. I feel lonely. I feel fearful. I’m scared of going back home and this whole thing being over. Going back to no job, no money, no apartment and no idea what to do with my life next. Depressing, I know.
I’ve got to get a grip and refuse to mope around. No slumping on the sofa day after day doing nothing. I’ve got to set myself a to-do list, one of them being to start up my online Skype business. Secondly, make a bundle of unique Christmas stockings to sell, thirdly, make an enormous photo collage of my Chinese adventure, and finally, transform The Little Wild Thornberry blog into a book.
Plenty of ideas to sink my teeth into!
Anyway, to enjoy the remaining two weeks of my adventure!

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Some days you may feel like a failure, but you’ll never know all the good you do. The end of the newest Mormon Message will touch your heart.