tall scrawny boyfriend and tiny girlfriend going on a date uvu

did you know that JFK was around 6’ by the time he was in college and was very skinny due mostly to his long history of illness/continued illness?

meanwhile researchers speculate that Joan D’Arc was around 5’2” and was stocky in build


Bonus tiny girlfriend carrying tall scrawny boyfriend:

(he fought her tooth and nail before finally letting her pick him up haha)

The couple strolled through the all but  empty mall. “Photobooth?” Joan suggested JFK response came out as “su-yah” Joan peaked her heasd in to see that It was spacey,  one of those imports probably. ‘Darn’ she thought. Personal space doesnt exactly make for a cute ,not-quite-couples picture.The two enter and follow the instructions, JFK pays but only after “the look” from Joan. Youd know it if you saw it. And you wouldnt forget it. Joan is first to see the printed copies and she cant help but laugh. Shes unleashed a silly side since abandoning her obsession with Abe. She =s not laighing at herself though its JFK! Hes so stiff and giving the same half smile as the other three pics. :”Its not a campaign poster.” She teases. He comes back slyly with “Ive already won you whadda I need anyhting else for?” Joan blushes “You got me with that one, but really” she grips onto his wideset shoulders “Lighten up. Its good for you” An empty mall, a silence that seems not to detract from the moment, an intimate moment and what  all leads to what could be their first kiss as a couple. JoanFK is moving full dream ahead esp. after having too backtrack form their err… incident at prom. Thing =s are looking up. Things are lookig up