"Dean’s going to kill us if he finds out we took this case," Jo whispered as you walked the halls with your EMF meters out. 

"Since when have we taken orders from him? I mean, do we really care?" you laughed softly. There was a noise to your right, down the stairs to the basement and she looked to you, eyes lit up.

"I guess not," she grinned, and you both turned to follow the sound.


Competition (oneshot)

Request: hi can u do 1 where dean & y/n r madly in love & shows it 2 people & they go 2 visit ellen & jo & jo become jealous & tries 2 make them fight then dean notice & fight w/ jo & it end in fluff and smut with upset y/n

A/n: I wrote this while dyeing my hair, also I’m putting off studying even though I’m close to failing science and I have a unit final tomorrow. I hope your happy even though I’m the one doing the procrastinating.

Words: 3632

Warnings: Swearing, alcohol, fighting


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