jo min hyuk


MIN HYUK + YOO JUNG - The End [Secret - Episode 16]

This was the BEST ENDING EVER!!!!!!! *O* omg we had an HAPPY ENDING!!! <3333 The kiss, the stares, the smiles: PERFECT SCENE <3333 awwwww they are SO ADORABLE *_________* I already miss these two!!!! Secret was the best drama of the year, amazing from the beginning ‘til the very end :))) THANK YOU so much!


Secret (비밀), 2013 - Don’t deserve your love MV ~~~ I just finished watching Secret and I totally loved it! The plot is unique and very exciting. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum have an awesome chemistry on screen together so I can highly recommend this unique drama to everyone who enjoyed them both in ‘Kill me heal me’.