One of the best birthday memories I have is when I went to see The Who on their American tour. I think it was 1982. And I went to see the first show in D.C., and before the show I went backstage to say hello to the band. Roger Daltry just walks in the room and says, ‘Oh, I hear it’s your birthday,’ drops to his kness with his arms spread out, and belts out ‘Happy Birthday’. You know, I was pretty blown away.

Happy Birthday Joan fuckin’ Jett (September 22nd)

I think that Garrett, that was why I brought him up, wasn’t really loyal to Hydra. He didn’t do all of the saluting things and all of that stuff. They were just an organization that was kind of about not necessarily about self-promotion, but self-preservation. There is a beautiful line were he says, ‘The winds were shifting and I turned my sail.’ So it looks like he made his choice to be part of the favorite team.
He did have his own motives. It wasn’t like he got a Hydra tattoo across his chest like Hydra Life or something. Ward had a crazy childhood and they gave some hints of that in season 1. His brother drowning in the well. His parents were being absolute monsters to him. He was always getting picked on. Even in juvie he has bruises on him. He wasn’t the runt of the litter, but he was always getting picked on.
This guy comes along and opens a door. He says, ‘You want to walk through this door? No one will ever mess with you again.’ So that is what kind of happens. When there is an opportunity for empowerment in life he decided to take it.
He has always been the second man. He is always the loyal student. He will do anything for Garrett. Then Garrett dies. So we are like what does he do now that he doesn’t have someone giving him orders. He is great with orders. He will do what he has to do. Now when it is just him what does he do? What does he really stand for? That is what the project of Season 2 will be about. I think it is pretty cool. We are done with his past. Now we are all about Ward’s future.
Like you said they are introducing a ton of new characters. I see them randomly on set, but their storylines are completely different. They have their own thing going on and I have my own timeout. (Both laugh.) I am sitting in a corner with a dunce cap on. I have to write on a chalkboard over and over again. You see Coulson writing on a chalkboard? I am in there too. I am writing all work and no play makes Ward a very bad boy over and over again.
—  Brett Dalton [x]

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