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"& you escape me like it’s nothing, like words I never should have said. & the stress comes to the surface, but all of the heroes are dead. & I hate that I can’t say your name without feeling like I’m part of the blame. & it’s never gonna feel quite the same, but it’s never gonna change. & I hate that I’m always so young, had me feeling like you were the one, & it’s never gonna feel like it’s done, ‘cause it’s never gonna change, never gonna change."

jasper oh - 20 - model - college student

It’s hard to make friends when people think you don’t want company. It’s hard when people get afraid of you, when you clearly did nothing wrong. It’s lonely. I need somebody. I need somebody to fight for me— at least once. I want to know what’s it like to be loved. Tell me— what’s it like to have a friend.