Last night, roughly 3,000 students crowded into half the convo center to honor the seven fallen dukes.  The student body president called for a dimming of the lights and a moment of silence for all of us to hold up our glow sticks (or cell phones if we didn’t get a glowstick) in their honor. 

it’s semesters like this one that really open my eyes to the world that exists outside of my little bubble. a lot has happened to not just me, but the jmu community as a whole over the past few months. it’s got me thinking that our time on this earth certainly is precious and we need to be conscious of how we’re spending it.

they finally put a name to the young woman who passed on last night. her name was jane and she was a freshman. it breaks my heart thinking that she came into this university full of promise just a few months ago and she’s with us no longer. with keatts’ passing just a little over a week ago, i can only get a taste of what her friends and family are feeling in hearing the news.

but it’s times like this that inspire the goodness in people. i’ve seen pictures of the vigil that happened outside godwin hall, around where the accident happen. i’ve seen hundreds of people today, proudly wearing their purple and gold in memory of those who have passed on. people have been generally kinder and more respectful towards each other (as far as i’ve seen) and tonight there will be another vigil in memory of these dukes.

one love. jmunited. <3

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Rest In Peace to a girl who was not only a JMU Duke, but a freshman. To a girl who not only had her whole life ahead of her, but her whole college career.  To a girl who was not only loved by her friends and family, but whose death paused time all around campus.  To a girl who opened all of our eyes to how short life really is.  To our fifth fallen Duke of the semester.

Jane, I may not have known you personally (despite the fact that you live three floors above me, our relationship never went beyond the occasional door hold), but you’ve brought the whole campus together in your name.  Today, I wear purple for you and the four other JMU Dukes who have passed this year.  You were a beautiful girl, and I know you’re repping that JMU Purple & Gold in heaven as well.

I went to the spontaneous candlelit vigil for the 5 fallen Dukes tonight.  There were still police cars everywhere, there was talks of whether or not this particular death was a suicide, there were people crying, people confused, and people comforting each other.  It was amazing to watch.

However, I think the most haunting thing was watching that bus slowly pull away from the scene.  Watching it sent chills up my spine, and it made the whole situation real.  Everyone at the candlelit vigil watched in silence as we approached the end of an overall surprising night.