James Madison University, a well-known public university in my hometown of Harrisonburg, is handling the ‘worst case of sexual assault’ in their history by allowing the perpetrators to graduate and banning them afterward.

Meanwhile, the student who was assaulted lost her financial aid when her grades slipped while trying to deal with bringing her rapists to justice and had to leave school.

The links in question:


So even when there is absolute definitive proof on tape of an assault, the victim is paying the biggest price and the perpetrators are allowed to stay at school.

This is not right.

Hey fellow JMU students! In case you didn’t already know, the University Health Center has a safer sex center. There are small brown paper bags for you to use to take whatever you need. Everything they have to offer is free, they even have pamphlets and how-to guides. No one will bother you or ask any questions (but they are glad to help if you ask them). :) Please use this awesome resource (or let your friends know it’s available)! 

Just so you know this is a thing. 

Not only is this disgustingly degenerate, it is also an embarrassment to our school. 

I’m just saying. 

It’s bad enough that rape affects a woman’s personal life-it shouldn’t affect her education too. Help a JMU student finish her education, and realize her dream.

this especially hits close to home for a few reasons: i was raped about five months prior to this attack at my alma mater to my friend’s roommate. unfortunately, that fall semester was a taxing one for the campus as a whole, as this incident was only one of a cluster of other rapes and other sex crimes committed against jmu women. it’s awful to hear that not only is she still facing major psychological repercussions from the incident, but that jmu is refusing to allow her financial aid, knowing her situation. i’ve experienced first-hand how ill-prepared jmu is, as an institution, to aid survivors of sexual violence and it’s disappointing that they still haven’t changed their tune.

please help her out in continuing her graduate studies. any amount — big or little — helps a duke achieve her dream of teaching and escaping the nightmare that still haunts her.