These are a list of sayings going on the back of my t shirt for fall jam.

(I’m trying to think of more, because either want the whole back of my shirt to be filled up with them in a creative way. Ugh I need help. You can tell I don’t have anything to do with my life.)
1. Those 5 amazing boys I always talk about.
2. They saved my life.
3. Gabe The Babe
4. Gabe is Handsome
5. Dana’s twerk team
6. Dalton is the doctor.
7. In cases you didn’t know… Gabe is batman.
8. Cole’s a freaking heartthrob.
9. IM5 seconds away from losing it.
10. If you’re not Cuban, you’re not Cuban.

(Anyone wanna help?)
(What else should I put)
(Oh oh! What’s Will’s Starbucks and force phrase that he said for pick up lines?)

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Arie Dixon - “Sweet Emotion” (The Kooks) | JACKED

While he works vigorously with Olivia Cipolla to put the finishing touches of their new O.C.A.D. EP, Arie Dixon is back as he promised, to hold us over with another #FREEFRIDAY Track release off of his up and coming Mixtape “The Jack Move (vol 5). This time he JACKS “Sweet Emotion”, a song by the band The Kooks, off of their latest album “Listen”. Reproducing the entire track, and making it a song of his own, Arie Dixon seems to be on a Roll. Take a listen, get your Free Download, and enjoy

Last Weeks Release: Arie Dixon – “No Type” (Rae Sremmurd) | JACKED *FREE DOWNLOAD*

On Saturday November 29th I’ll be opening up for Slick Rick at the HashTag Bar in Staten Island (previously the Full Cup) … Call 718-442-4224 or visit SlickRickStatenIsland.Eventbrite.con for Tickets…… It’s going to be an epic night #SlickRick #LiveShow #HashTagBar #Live #ArieDixon #JM5

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Arie Dixon - “No Type” (Jacked/Rae Sremmerd) #JM5

The Rapper, Singer, Producer, and 1/2 of O.C.A.D., Arie Dixon is back with his 5th installment of the Jack Move Series #JM5. He will be releasing a song every Friday up until O.C.A.D., Olivia Cipolla and Himself drop the 1st single off of their EP “His & Hers”. Its been a long await since the last onslaught of Jack Move songs that Arie has dropped, so Get your Free Download and enjoy his jacked version of Rae Sremmurd’s Single “No Type”. #JM5

It’s a Full Time Jack Move…Get your Free Download of this weeks Jack Move on | Å®iE DiXøn - “Hold You Down” (DJ Khaled ft Chris Brown, Jeremiah, Future and August Alsina) JACKED …. Hope you enjoy #JM5 #JackMove5


Dropping this tomorrow on | Arie Dixon - “Sweet Emotion” (@thekooksmusic) #JACKED | #FreeDownload #JM5 #AD #ArieDixon #JackMove5 #SweetEmotion #TheKooks


Its Officially Up, check out how I #Jacked @raesremmurd #NoType now up for #FreeDownload on #JackMove5 #JM5


Jack Move (vol 5) is officially on its way…. Dropping this one on #Friday at #NoType #RaeSremmurd #Jacked #ArieDixon #AD #JM5 #NewMusic


The Jack Move (vol 5) is officially on it’s away. #FuckYeahFridays, is back, dropping a song every Friday, up until the release of the #JM5 which will be dropping a week b4 @OCADmusic 1st single off of our next EP. This Friday’s JackMove song will be @RaeSremmurd #NoType … Dropping on and …. Here’s a Snippet #RaeSremmurd #JackMove #ArieDixon #AD #JM5 #Music #NewMusic #2014 #TommyBoyRecords