I believe that this loss that we have experienced brought a new perspective for everyone. It shows how short life really is. He has brought a new light in people’s eyes. Even for the people who didn’t know him, still payed respect. We prayed for his family, prayed that no family has to every experience this. There is a time to live, and a time to die. The Lord has called him home. We shall no longer morn, we should now celebrate that he no longer has to deal with pain or sorrow. He is now free. Fly High Jeremy. See you soon. ✊💙🏈🙏👼 #jm12 #prayforjeremy #ripjeremy

Jeremy, I can’t even believe this, it hasn’t fully hit me yet, but it will. I know in middle school we began to drift apart, and I’m sad that is how it had to be. I am very thankful for all the memories we did get to have together. I remember in 6th grade you passing me a note to ask me to the dance & I was sooo happy, I mean every girl wanted you back then, you were like the next best thing to Justin Bieber. Oh my gosh, and you wanted to wear pink & I hated pink, but i put up with it cause that’s what you wanted. And you were the first guy to ever give me a flower & I kept it for years for that reason! And when we dated I got Maggie to break up with you for me cause i heard you were going too anyways. Then, i was really upset and told everyone Maggie broke up with you, not me, so we technically were still together. Lol We had some good times. I’ll miss you, bud. I’m sure you are in a better place now looking down on all of us. Everything will be alright in time. #jm12