I got some requests, so I’ll try to explain how I put someone’s face onto someone else’s body without my final result looking super weird. Some examples of this are here: 1, 2, 3. My techniques might be useful to: 

  • put your fancast into that dress/suit of armor/scene
  • make your OTP that never interacts be in the same scene together
  • add that Lannister lion pendant/Tyrell rose necklace/Targ dragon pin to someone’s outfit
  • basically merge 2, 3, 4+ images as seamlessly as possible 

I use PS5. I don’t use a tablet or anything special, but what you’ll need is time and patience. Sometimes body swapping takes me as long as 16 hours. Sometimes it only takes me 2 hours. Every body swap is different, so this tutorial is more about tips and techniques than a step by step process. This got super long omg. If you could please like/reblog if this helped you, I would appreciate it. All of the manips in this tutorial are mine and PLEASE do not repost them or claim them as your own. They can all be found in my edits tag if you really want them on your blog. 

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anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for making pre-series edits? (or maybe you could do a tutorial of some sort in the future? I love fancasting characters in my head but I'm scared of actually trying to make my own photo/gifsets due to a lack of photoshop skills.)

Well, the first thing I would say is that you have to try! You have to start off making things you really care about and not making things because you want notes, because you’re not going to get notes right away. If you go back far enough in any graphic maker’s tag, you can see that they initially sucked. No one is born knowing how to photoshop; it takes months or even years of practice. It’s hard

To get started, follow some photoshop blogs like yeahps and itsphotoshop and welovetemplates. These will have more resources than anything I could tell you about in one post. Here is a beginner’s guide to make gifs

In terms of what to do in photoshop, I don’t know how much of a beginner you are, so I’ll go through some basics. 

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I keep getting asked how I manip. You need to have a basic understanding of photoshop. This is my long tutorial explaining my manip process, but here are some general tips:

1) Start with a good base image. The base image is usually my inspiration. The idea for my most recent Sansa Stark manip popped into my head after I saw this image

2) Use high quality images. A lot of times I start with a canvas that’s around 2000px wide, and I hold off as long as possible to reduce the image size to just 500px wide, the size of the tumblr dashboard. This is really important because any tiny mistakes or inaccuracies I made on the big canvas become almost invisible after I reduce the size of the image. My HQ images usually come from farfarawaysitegrande-caps, and celebrity image galleries. 

3) Screencaps are usually very dark, while promotional images / photoshoots are usually very well lit. If this is the case, add a Brightness/Contrast layer and clip it to the well lit layer. To clip an adjustment layer, press this  and the layer will now look like this: 

Lower the brightness of the well lit layer to match it as best you can to the screencap layer. After you have finished the whole manip, brighten the whole image with a curves layer or apply a PSD. 

4) Use selective color layers and clip them. Shows have different colorings. For example, Game of Thrones isn’t tinted the same way The White Queen is, and this will be especially obvious with skin tones. Play with the sliders in your selective color layers, particularly the reds, yellows, and blacks, to make the colors match.

5) Use Groups and Layer Masks. Do not use the eraser. I use layer masks on each layer, and then I usually create a group, apply a layer mask to the group, and keep refining my layers. Sometimes I nest groups within other groups

6) Zoom. You need to be very precise. I usually zoom in by 200% - 400% on the area I’m working on. You need to be attentive to detail in the manip process. 

7) Copy and paste parts of the base image and move them around to cover things up. 

8) Remember that a good manip takes time and patience.  If you have any questions, you’re welcome to come ask me. 


Template by joannalannister

I was asked how to make this. I used math and guide lines, but making a template was the easiest way to explain. 

  • Save both images as PNG
  • 36 pictures, but you can do any multiple of 4
  • 96px wide by 96px long
  • if your number of pictures isn’t a multiple of 4, I recommend doing something like this.
  • Apply colorings or whatever to each of your pictures and then drag them onto the template.
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  • inspired by (x


I was asked how I publish submissions so that they’re formatted like mine are, and how I reply to them. 

  • Highlight and copy (CTRL + c) the tumblrurl submitted:
  • Press the “Edit” button (the pencil & paper symbol on the far right) on the submission in your inbox
  • The submission will appear like you’re composing a new post. You have to format the submission manually. I like to paste the tumblrurl submitted:at the top of the post and put the submitted text in a block quote to set it apart from my own answer.
  • When you publish the submission, the submitter will get an email notifying them that their submission has been published. 

westerhos asked:

just out of curiosity - HOW do you make those GORGEOUS lannister fairytale graphics? are they all your own illustrations, or? srsly, tho, they are my absolute favorite.

Thank you so much! I sooo appreciate it when people take the time to tell me they like my graphics/photosets because a lot of the time I get really frustrated and I feel like I wouldn’t reblog it if someone else made it. So thank you!!

But nooo. I can’t draw! These graphic sets of mine use that 6 panel style made popular on tumblr by mmorrow, particularly with her super fabulous Little Mermaid Project that she’s making into a book!

For my “Lannister Fairy Tale” and like, this set for Shiera Seastar and others, I used the process mmorrow describes here and here, but essentially you go to archive.org and look through out of copyright old books for cool images. For example, I might search for “heraldry” and get all these cool books about knights, and some of them have neat illustrations that I grab.  It takes a reaaaally long time tho. :/ I also use pictures from google and cool pictures from my dashboard.  

I don’t usually use the images just as I find them. Usually I’m erasing things, adding adjustment layers, coloring them, all the normal stuff to make a nice graphic in photoshop. I hope that helps!

jesstiti submitted:

How can you do this? Can i ask about the resources?

Hi! I’m probably the worst person to ask when it comes to photoshop, but I’ll try to explain and omg that was the first time I used that technique and that one turned out so ugly idk why anyone wants that one but ok

  1. I selected the cap that I wanted from a screencap gallery, and I copied and pasted it into photoshop and flattened the image.
  2. I duplicated the layer and set it to soft light.
  3. I duplicated the layer again and set it to screen, giving me a nice, bright image that still retains some depth because of the soft light layer in between.
  4. I added a black and white adjustment layer, set to normal. 

  5. I hid the black and white adjustment layer for a moment, selected the color of cersei’s skin with the eyedropper tool, and put the black and white adjustment layer back
  6. I created a new layer, set it to either soft light or overlay, and then I literally just painted cersei’s skin like I was a pre-schooler with a coloring book. 
  7. I repeated steps 5 and 6 for each color, until I had colored in the whole picture. 
  8. You have to experiment to see whether soft light or overlay looks better for each part.
  9. I lowered the opacity of the black and white adjustment layer a little bit to give the image some more depth of color.
  10. I cropped and resized the top two images to 245px wide, and the bottom image to 500px wide

I used the same technique here, and that was after I had more practice, so I think it looks better. Idk if this helps, if you have more questions, you can ask me (but your ask isn’t enabled, so I’m having a hard time communicating with you).

landoflostcontent asked:

Is there any particular way that you organize your PSDs? I have a lot so it can take me a while to find the exact one that I want. Thanks for your time!

I usually just group them in folders? It’s not especially organized, but I might have one folder for Game of Thrones, and maybe another folder for generic PSDs, and another for heavily textured PSDs, because those are usually the different categories I’m looking for when I photoshop. 

My mac gives a preview of the PSD file, which is also really helpful. However, my pc doesn’t give me a preview of the PSD, so I usually also save a jpeg with the same file name to see what the PSD looks like. I’ve heard of a program called MysticThumbs if you’re on a windows machine, but I’ve never purchased it. (Maybe someone out there knows a free version that does the same thing?)