progress update: I’m still working on these pictures but I’ve definitely made a lot of progress considering how busy I’ve been! 

The whale pictured in the side pool represents a 25ft bull. A pool would be 45ft deep and 200ft long, B&E pools would be 25ft deep (10 ft deeper than current back pools). D pool’s deepest part would be 45ft, then 35ft and then 25ft. C pool would be 15ft deep and about 100 ft wide, it would include a rising floor. The square inside the med pool is the size of the current med pools and yes, this one would be indoors. All together it would be about 30 million US gallons and take up half the space of the interior lake. You could easily fit all of the current shamu stadium into D pool alone. The only significant structure that would be impacted is the water skiing stadium. 

I’ve also started designing a re-done whale and dolphin stadium fit for pinnipeds. I honestly think the improvement in animal welfare due to space and corresponding reintroduction of social groups would be amazing.

I think I’ll try designing some concept art next, but I don’t know if I want it to be free hand or try making something semi decent on my computer. I definitely couldn’t make it realistic so it would have to be one of those-it’s-so-simple-it’s-artistic styles.