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Though Tywin Lannister was not a man given to public display, it is said that his love for his lady wife was deep and long-abiding. “Only Lady Joanna truly knows the man beneath the armor,” Grand Maester Pycelle wrote the Citadel, “and all his smiles belong to her and her alone. I do avow that I have even observed her make him laugh, not once, but upon three separate occasions!”

Upon hearing of her death, King Aerys infamously said, “The gods cannot abide such arrogance. They have plucked a fair flower from his hand and given him a monster in her place, to teach him some humility at last.”


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They had been at court together. Companions to Princess Rhaella.


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The eldest child of Jason Lannister and Marla Prester, Joanna Lannister was born during the early years of Lord Tytos’s reign. From a young age, Joanna learned music, poetry, singing, dancing, and embroidery. Under the guidance of one of the Rock’s many maesters, Joanna was also taught subjects such as history, mathematics, and High Valyrian alongside Tywin Lannister, the eldest son and heir of Lord Tytos. A serious child and hard beyond his years, Tywin seldom smiled even in his youth, but he smiled when he was with Joanna.

In 252 AC, Tywin and Joanna were separated; Lord Tytos dispatched his heir to King’s Landing, to serve as a cupbearer at King Aegon’s court, while Joanna would remain at Casterly Rock for another seven years.

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