"i am really not afraid of a whole lot of things. If anything, i am blessed with the opportunities that i have had over the last couple of years. these big movies are hard to get an interesting role in, and then when they are received well? that is the greatest feeling, really, to feel proud of what you were a part of, and then that it is received well."

 - jeremy renner on big movie franchises


"we had to lean on each other, we needed each other and them as individuals as well as actors because you had to endure a lot of things that you don’t normally endure on a movie set like we did on the hurt locker.  so we became very, very, very tight overcoming obstacles together that we needed to do to get the day done and move onto the next day."

 - jeremy renner on anthony mackie and brian geraghty

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"the only reservation i had was that i was ignorant as to what the script was, what the story was. i certainly was not interested at all in playing jason bourne. i had reservations of how they could really continue the amazing storyline that I was a fan of without jason bourne, the central character. once i saw the material and how clever they were with the script, it squelched all those fears and thoughts. i could not have been more excited from that point on"

- jeremy renner on the bourne legacy

"i can’t really speak for anybody else, but it’s reminiscent of the films that i loved growing up. french connection (1971) and things like that, that level of authenticity and the visceral nature of it. there is also that great feeling as an audience member of being put in the shoes of a spy. that is pretty sexy and mysterious. there is also a great intelligence to these bourne films that is intriguing to me, the great writing and characters, and the style of the action. i mean all of that. all of the above is why I like it."

 - jeremy renner on the bourne franchise