Super Beard Drunk Bros. - Super Street Fighter 4 AE

Bearded gamer bros Jirard (@JKCompletesIt) and Alex (@FacianeA) got together to play some SSF4AE over a few Hadouken shots! The rules: Every time someone loses a single round, they take a shot of Hadouken. Ten shots total were consumed, but who won? Check out the video above to find out.

Stayed tuned to the Super Beard Bros. channel for more possible drunk video game action!

Incase you missed Jirard's long tweet

The Completionist · @JKCompletesIt

 5th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

Social Networking and something thats been on my mind. (Long note)

In the past 3 months, The Completionist has been growing at an alarming rate, which has made all of us very happy. And I’m sure all of you guys can tell that I’ve been working non stop around the clock to not only make The Completionist the best thing ever, but I’m actively working on Super Beard Bros, Super Scope Show, and working on several collab series with Jesse Cox and other YouTubers. The toxic community that YouTube has created amongst the comment system is unfortunate and I’d say ever since April of this year I stopped reading the comments as they were taking a toll on me. Opinions and criticisms are very different than open harassment and judgement. As someone who’s skin has become thick over the years, I’ve learned and dealt with in many ways of getting past negativity and toxic behavior.

Once I stopped reading the YouTube comments, I told myself I would stick exclusively to Face Book and Twitter and my own website as a way of communicating with the community, and that has been great. That is, until recently when fans have been personally notifying me that my content is bad, that my beard is gross, or that I look really fat, sometimes all three. I usually don’t let it even those comments effect me, but tonight, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I just had to get something off my chest.

My health, as some of you may or may not know, has not been great. I’ve not been sleeping due to the non stop commitment of the show, and even when I get to sleep, I’ve been suffering from Insomnia. In recent weeks I’ve had several panic attacks, large migrane headaches, and a lot of nosebleeds. Something is not right.

I’ve been working actively to come up with solutions to tie up loose ends for long and sort term projects (Skyrim, Hyrule Warirors, etc) and after hours of planning and execution, I’ve decided to hire an editor. Mark Carr of Indie Game Search Light will be taking over the editing reigns for The Completionist starting this week. Mark has proved to me that he can handle the responsibility of the show and I am quite honored and humbled that he’s willing to dive right in. But to sum it all up - I’m in bad shape, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and I’m actively seeking help.

What does that mean for you readers right now? Why read all of this? 

I may or may not be handing off my twitter and Face Book credentials to someone else. I love interacting with a lot of you guys, it’s my absolute pleasure and the best part of my day talking to you all. Seeing all the fan art, making fun jokes, even playing games with a lot of you guys has brought me more joy than I can remember in recent times. I know almost 99 percent of what you guys say to me is awesome and nice and for that, I thank you.

If you’re even still reading this, thank you. 

One thing I’d like for all of you do, if you’re still reading this, is to do me a favor - if you hate someone’s content, or comment, or hate whatever they are, remember that they’re a person with feelings, opinions, friends, and families. Understand that while it seems like you may go unheard, chances are they’re actively reading what you’re saying and the comments hurt so much more than you know or understand.

Enjoy smash everyone.