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1) Have you ever loved someone so much it hurts? Yes. 

2) What’s/Who’s you ultimate bias? Tanaka Koki

3) What’s your favorite song? Change Ur World. 

4) Have you ever kissed someone? Yes, boys and girls 

5) Last time you fell. I fell out of my bed this morning and again in the shower, I’m a clutz >.< 

6) Do you like your appearance? Depends on what you’re talking about. 

7) How did you know your favorite band? Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, to be more indirect, an old friend named Mika. 

8) What would you like to do right now? Work out, strangely enough. 

9) Your favorite movie? BANDAGE.

10) Do you have any siblings? A gorgeous little sister.

11) What’s your dream? Live and be a successful model/actress in Japan, but i’ll settle for spending the rest of my life in Japan.

New questions ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

1.) What’s your favorite animal? Pandas and Wolves. It’s unfair to make me choose.

2.) What would you do if you had seven days with your bias? Just talk to them, be friends. He’s twelve years older than me so anything sexual would be awkward even if he is extremely hot. He could take his shirt off… that’s be nice.

3.) If you had one thing to say to your bias what would it be? Thank you for showing me things and changing my life, you may not think you have that power but you did. and tell your younger brother he is extremely hot(;

4.) Do you love eating? Well, yeah. I don’t love it but I do it a lot.

5.) What’s your favorite color? Maroon5. ohkay no just kidding, red and purple. I’m also a big fan of classic black, white and greys. very neutral.

6.) Are you patient? absolutely fucking not.

7.) What makes you angry? a lot. waaaaaay too many to list but number one is being very close-minded and judgmental. I absolutely hate that!

8.) When your depressed, what food makes you feel okay?  Food doesn’t make me ohkay, but I enjoy eating Swedish Fish, Popcorn, Pocky or Steak

9.) Do you read Yaoi manga’s? Nope. but i read yaoi fanfiction, does that count?

10.) Have you ever done something out of impulse? …………-.- of course.

11.) Do you have a pet? my pretty little peeky-boo Zoey, she’s a min pin. And a white german shepard named Prince. then there’s my dream pets that i will get one day.

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