#JJStyle: Bursting With Floral Freshness, ‘Botanica’ by Katsuya Kamo at Lane Crawford for S/S 2014 

After Chinese New Year is through, expect a big burst of color celebrating Spring and Summer 2014’s floral trends in fashion with Lane Crawford’s new collaboration with one of the world’s top hair designers, Katsuya Kamo. The collaboration, titled Botanica, will showcase 300 of his iconic floral headpieces across five Lane Crawford stores in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. Kamo’s past creations have been included in publications such as Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, Dazed & Confused, and Wallpaper*. His one-of-a-kind dream like flower pieces for Chanel’s Spring 2009 Haute Couture collection will also be at Lane Crawford on display.

To commemorate this amazing partnership, Lane Crawford will be exhibiting several striking visual installations with today’s “IT” creatives, KaCaMa, Kim Tang, Fiona Emerald Faerie, Stickyline, Mark Goss, and Ikumi Nagasawa.

Additionally, over 800 mannequins will be draped in Botanica-inspired styles at all locations, which will include works by Chinese Designers, Ms Min, Helen Lee, and Chictopia, and International labels such as Stella Jean, DELPOZO, NO.21.

Check out, Katsuya Kamo’s home here via The Selby. #iLike.

VISIT Katsuya Kamo’s BOTANICA Exhibition . 27 JAN 2014 - 14 APR 2014 . Lane Crawford IFC Mall, Canton Road Harbour City, Times Square, Seasons Place Beijing, Times Square Shanghai 



#JJStyle: Poetry and Romance Blooms Lose and Easy for Burberry Prorsum S/S 2014

To continue my train of thought from the last blog post re: Lane Crawford’s “Botanica’ Ad Campaign, I just wanted to do another post on a fashion label which I think is doing this floral-inspired theme really well. Coming out strong for this season… Christopher Bailey’s S/S 2014 color palette for Burberry Prorsum, is I think his strongest collection yet for the label. Debuting last Summer, expect to see his "Garden Party” inspired color palette with an edgier more color blocked solid direction for men, and a softer and more sheer take for the women, really influencing all kinds of fashion on the street for this coming year.

Themed “Writers & Painters”, his menswear collection is inspired by personalities like Alan Bennett and the artworks of David Hockney. There’s an emphasis here on knitwear as outwear, shirts as outerwear, unstructured paperweight trench coats, and  collection of relaxed knits in colors such as blue, greys, camel, olive, terracotta, pink, dusty yellow, dusty green, bright red, and blues… all in homage to “The New Tailoring” which is the combination of the Artist’s Jacket and the loose tie.

For the women, Bailey was really inspired by the “English Rose”, a collection of loose ¾ length coats, lacy pencil skirts, soft spring knits… all polka dotted with costume jewelry-like embellishments in dusky pinks, mint greens, lavenders, and pale yellows. Compared to the men, the women get soft drapings, bright sandals, sheer fits… all pairing well with the debut of the brand’s “Petal” bag.

The lesson here for this season… keep it loose, keep it easy… but everything is very structured and tailored… and bright.

SHOP Burberry All Labels via Harrod’s / SHOP Burberry Prorsum Select Pieces via theWanderlister+ Shop



#JJStyle: From East To West, Key J.Crew Looks for Fall 2013 Ft. Liu Wen

These are my key picks from J.Crew’s Fall 2013 photo campaign. The new photo essay features prominently Hunanese super model, Liu Wen. Enjoy the photos! Bye bye summer!

WEAR J.Crew, Available online and Lane Crawford IFC . Podium 3, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong



#JJStyle: Indie Label Tangram Collaborates With Hong Kong’s Iconic G.O.D. Shop

Fresh off their amazing launch at K11 with accessories label, Matter Matters, indie label, Tangram’s, head designer, Paola Sinisterra and her husband and co-collaborator, Ignacio Garcia, have teamed up yet again but this time with an even bigger collaboration… the iconic design shop in Hong Kong, G.O.D. Goods of Desire. For those who have been big fans of Tangram as I have (I went to their firstp preview at Whitespace, when just starting this blog), fans and fashion mavens can even get more of Tangram with a new capsule collection derived from Chinese inspired graphics and patterns, but with that casual and fun youthful attitude. 

There are two things I love about this new collection, 1) that it’s with G.O.D., a store of original goods filled with consumer items full of iconic tongue-in-cheek messages which refer back to Hong Kong’s vintage design culture, and 2) that finally those of us guys who are in love with the Tangram aesthetic can now wear their clothes since most of the styles are unisex and a bit tomboyish!

Via Douglas Young, proprietor of G.O.D.:

The collaboration with Paola and Tangram is a true representation of Hong Kong - a hybridisation yet mutual respect of each other’s cultures. Paola and Ignacio have a great respect and appreciation for Hong Kong culture and it’s that, which made this collaboration an easy decision. We have a joint desire to create something meaningful, not just something that can be from anywhere, but something that could only be from Hong Kong. 

Via Paola:

We are super excited to collaborate with G.O.D. because they are a contemporary Hong Kong reference that rescues the city’s idiosyncrasies and creates new things from them. The brand has always been committed to highlighting the crazy, raw beauty of this place we love so much, but also because they have given us free creative reign. The sheer excitement of working with other creatives with which we share not only a language but also a similar approach to the business of doing what we believe in. 

Watch for Tangram for Goods of Desire at the G.O.D. shop on Hollywood Road starting next Wednesday, November 27, 2013!

WEAR Tangram / SHOP G.O.D. Goods of Desire . GF, 48 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong . T: +852-28051876



#JJStyle: Moustache Looks Back At 5th Anniversary

Thanks to their blog, we now know that this month the gents at Hong Kong’s best casual tailoring shoppe, Moustache, are celebrating their 5th year anniversary… as in… they MADE IT TO FIVE YEARS!!! As Alex Daye (aka j.a.daye) stated in his blog post, where these inaugural lookbook images above are posted…they began their menswear journey during the financial tsunami at the end of the last decade. That said, it’s really funny how financial tsumanis tend to be a turning point for many people. I know it was for me (quitting my last job, and starting a new post … plus starting this blog), it just makes all of us that much more creative doesn’t it?

Everything you need to know about Moustache you can read on Alex’s blog (or mine since I tend to always feature them). Most importantly, Alex recounts over several blog posts how and what the inspirations were for their business and how it has evolved since then. It’s a great read.

I just wanted to re-blog/re-post these dapper images from their first lookbook, printed on seemingly luxurious matte paper. Alex models in the photos, which are taken by his business partner, Ellis Kreuger, who is also the head tailor at Moustache. The lookbook is a mixture of photographs of Alex in various Moustache-wear from their first collection, in different much loved sites all over Hong Kong… from Shek-O to Sheung Wan. The photos are juxtaposed with handwritten text by Alex, who used to be (and by the looks of the blog, still is) a writer.

Enjoy the style… and the City’s urban nostalgia!

READ On Hollywood Road, the Blog of J.A.Daye & Moustache / WEAR Moustache / 31 Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong / T:+852-25411955 


#JJStyle: Independent Kickstarter Brand, RPMWEST Jeans, Kicks It With Me In Hong Kong

New denim darlings on the scene, RPMWEST, founded in May 2012 by Manuel Rappard, a former Google employee and NYU Graduate, has successfully raised over 100,000 USD this year via their Kickstarter campaign to launch amazing jeans for gentlemen, that is democratically ethical, as much as it stylish. I first heard about the brand via my friend Paul S., a cross-continental fashion photographer, who’s cousin is married to an RPMWEST collaborator. Paul S. also shot the latest lookbook which can be seen in this blog here. The San Francisco based brand prides itself on the quality of the denim, a Raw Japanese Selvedge, and its artisan craftsmanship, 100% made-in-the-USA. 

Not that “none-made-in-the-USA” items are bad, per se, it’s just that in this day and age when it’s tough to guarantee exploit-free labor practices, an investment is made to go towards building an artisan trade in close proximity to where the jeans are actually designed and conceptualized. This idea of USA made jeans is not new, but the price tag, under 100USD, makes the production of artisan jeans more accessible to a market beyond the luxury buyer… which is great!

With the success of their Kickstarter campaign, the RMPWEST guys are now able to not only make their dreams (high quality fancy homegrown jeans at a not so fancy price) come true, but also implement a “Home Try On” program, where they can send three pairs to anywhere in the world (including Hong Kong), and you keep the pair that fits you the best. Right now, RPMWEST is shipping single pairs to kickstarter investors and brand supporters (including me!) and will open their website (hopefully) in November to a growing wait list, just in time for the Christmas shopping season. 

A few more details… i’m wearing the New Classics with a stiff raw selvedge. (Less stiff over time.) The name “Selvedge” is reserved for denim made on vintage shuttle looms, which is how it was usually produced by classic brands prior to the 1970’s. This selvedge is usually heavier and higher quality than other denims you’re used to. Another thing that most brands these days get wrong with new Selvedge or Selvedge reproductions, is that the cutting is all wrong for the material. Thank God the moment I tried RMPWEST New Classic’s on, I immediately loved the fit. It’s roomy where it needs to be (around the thighs and knees), and fit snuggly where you want it to be (around the hips, bum, and calves.) 

Photos above also show the details that come along with the Jean; Chain Stitching, 100% Leather brand patch, Metal Tack buttons, reinforced front pockets, reinforced back pockets (plane with no crazy design), and tucked belt loops (Will not rip off.) I’m truly proud of these guys’ Kickstarter project, and that they’re actually making less of a brand profit with zero retail markup, in order to make socially conscious jeans more available to a market looking for high quality that doesn’t break the bank.

Photos of me in my RPMWEST Jeans taken at the old lanes and the playground in and around Hong Kong’s Wing Lee Street off Bridges Street. Check out RPMWEST’s successful Kickstarter page here for more information on their brand and videos.



#JJStyle: Mr Porter Meets Hong Kong Menswear, A/W 2013

Sometimes I wonder how my love for fashion began, especially because I grew up in Forth Worth, Texas, where I had very limited access to style and trends. As i look back at that (relatively) small city, and where my love for self-styling actually began, it’s even a wonder how I was able to literally “scrape” by and be content with just what we had there for choice. My taste in Fashion was shaped by the STYLE sections of the Dallas Morning News, and copies of Details or W Magazine, that was available at the local Wal-Mart. Sure local Department Stores; Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, and Dillard’s, carried my then favorite brands; Prada, DKNY (very different in the 90s), and Hugo Boss, but they never carried any of the styles that were at the time deemed too edgy for that Texan market.

Looking back, I was one of those weird boys in High School that put together runway looks via re-appropriated GAP and Banana Republic wares, and additionally… I spent hours at the Vintage Thrift Shop. Anyway, I was thinking about all of this as I was modelling Thom Browne on the roof of Hong Kong’s Woolloomooloo Bar in Wanchai for a Mr. Porter Profile on Hong Kong’s “stylish” gents.  I wouldn’t say I’m the most fashionable guy in the city, I think the rest of the guys in the shoot are way more fashionable than me… (Looking at you Sean and Roger!)… and definitely I’ve had my regrettable phases (one whole year wearing nothing but neon in HK as an homage to DIPLO, for example), but definitely its nice to know that my “style” obsession does not go unnoticed. Alot of people may say, “who cares about style or fashion?”. But I say, “I Do. I care.” I want to look good, I want to feel good, and it makes me happy.

PS. Oh and by the way, my camera I take on vacation is my tiny Fuji X-F1 NOT an X-S1 as the article states… but thanks Tom M. Ford for the interview, Dan May for the amazing styling, and last and the best, Jason Capobianco for the photographs. Grace Lam you rock for putting my name in. It’s really cool of you.

Here’s some behind the scenes photos from the shoot!

Jason and Mr. May having a chat on concepts.

The most stylish gents, Sean Fitzpatrick and the fabulous Dickey Blue.

Roger Ouk looking dapper and very serious!

Met this Boy Wonder, a 17 year old professional Race Car Driver, named Matthew Solomon, whose father owns Electric Sekki.

Jason’s wife, Voguechina Editor, Grace Lam, came by to take a peek with the little one.

And a little preview!

I have a little video of it on my Instagram Profile. But anyway enjoy my interview it’s pretty cool. Read it here!

SHOP Shop by Designer at MR PORTER



#JJStyle: Givenchy Goes Lumberjack Butch For Autumn Winter 2013

Riccardo Tisci explores his obsession with checks for his latest collection with Givenchy. These exclusive lumberjack prints and tartans come in black/red or brown, in garments and accessories. Shirts play with graphic patches of multiple checks, with matching ties. Trainers, pouches, and scarves alternate plain versions and others mixed with stars. 

All these looks available at the Givenchy store or on my Online shop here.

WEAR Givenchy . Ocean Centre, Shop 142, LVL 1 Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Hong Kong / SHOP Givenchy on theWandershop+



#JJStyle: COS Autumn Winter 2013. And Men.

I love COS. I was really happy that the brand opened in Hong Kong in the first place a couple of years ago. I love their clean modern look. I Love their design. Yes, sometimes some pieces fit and work better than others, but usually, overall, you cannot go wrong with their overall European, slim, and tailored looks and fit. Another thing that happens when brands open in Hong Kong is that they suddenly go upmarket, raising the price of their products 20-40%. Not with COS. What you pay in Hong Kong, is what you pay anywhere else globally at their stores. So i’m a big fan.

For Autumn Winter 2013, COS is celebrating their “Tailoring collection” with a series of men’s portraits celebrating five men from different disciplines photographed in their home cities.

From Top To Bottom:

+ Charlie Porter is Currently the men’s fashion critic for the Financial Times, Charlie Porter has previously worked at Fantastic Man, GQ, The Guardian and The Times. Charlie is also the curator and writer of his own blog. In his own time he is passionate East London gardener, favouring long-limbed plants including Hollyhocks and Verbenas.

+ David Waddington is a restaurateur. After managing the Bricklayer’s Arms pub in East London during the mid-nineties, he opened Bistrotheque in a converted warehouse with Pablo Flack. Together they went on to open a series of pop-up restaurants, including winter-themed Reindeer in 2006 and Studio East – overlooking the Olympic Park in 2012. Their latest restaurants, Shrimpy’s, can be found in a disused filling station in North London until next year.

+ After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, Fredrik Paulsen set up his own furniture design studio in Stockholm. His straightforward attitude toward design is seen in his pragmatic constructions and playful approach to typically mundane articles of hardware. The result is the creation of furniture appearing more like working prototypes, rather than objects of mass production.

+ Nacho Alegre is the creative director and co-founder of Apartamento, an independent magazine dedicated to everyday life interiors. Based in Barcelona, he also works as a photographer exploring playful precision in still life photography.

+ Based in London, Zak Kyes (who looks alot like my friend, David Michon from Moncole Magazine lol) is a graphic designer and the founder of design office Zak Group. Quintessentially known for his critical approach to graphic design, Zak’s work encompasses publishing, curating and site-specific projects for cultural institutions around the world. He is also a Lecturer and Art Director at the Architectural Association School of Architecture.

WEAR Cos . Located on Queens Road Central and Harbour City in Hong Kong



#JJStyle: ‘Rhoede’ Scholar

Last month, I received photographs of this new men’s underwear brand, Rhoede, to signal the launch of its first collection for 2013. From the looks of the photographs, and a sample pair, which I subsequently received, it’s very clear from the get go that modern simplicity was the key factor which defines the line. Instead of Beckham or Tyson Bedford, we get high concept minimalism. And if you see and touch for yourself, it’s not only sturdy and elegant, but interesting in its shape and cut.

Rhoede utilises pima cotton fabric which is cool to the touch and holds its shape nicely. The elastic band is high wasted and smooth.  The underwear comes in elegant Japanese inspired packaging that was painful to throw away, so I kept them. They’re sturdy boxes that look like books and albums when placed on the shelf. Also against the grain, Rhoede comes in all your favorite colours, as long as it is “crisp white” and “bold black”… for now.

Rhoede is now available at KAPOK in Hong Kong.

WEAR Rhoede



#JJStyle: Outlook for Ralph Lauren S/S 2014, Mix and Match

I’m a big Ralph Lauren fan. Even though they’re very commercially oriented, they do menswear correct most of the time. For their Spring-Summer 2014 it seems like they’re pulling concepts from everywhere for Polo, Purple, and Black label. That’s fine… I guess. I can see purchasing one or two good items from each collection and making my own cohesive #JJStyle look because obviously from the looks of it, their own style set up is all over the place. There’s a bit “Wolf of Wall Street”, there’s a bit Safari, a bit hippy frat boy, a bit Let’s-climb-the-grand-canyons. Hope they can work towards a more focused collection for the next seasons.

Meanwhile, it’s certainly better than the Mod 60’s Black and White womenswear offering for the same season. Say what?

WEAR Ralph Lauren via Harrod’s


#JJStyle's Top 8 Most Really Useful Gifts For Guys This Summer, Part 2

In the last post I listed the the first four items of my “Top 8 Really Useful Gifts For Guys This Summer” that’s worthy of my self proclaimed #JJStyle Moniker I usually put on my Instagrams and Tweets. The first four included swimmers from TIMO, a sports bag by DANWARD, headphones by KEF, and casual sports watches by KOMONO. Before we get into the Fall / Winter 2013 lists, here is the rest of my Top 8 Round up!

+ HAMMER & NEEDLE / Accessories

This summer in Hong Kong, a new handmade accessories and home collection for men, Hammer & Needle, launched at the Chai Wan Mei Gift Shop during Art Basel Hong Kong. The result of the work is a carefully handcrafted selection of wallets, key chains, bracelets, and tablet sleeves in a strong and natural raw tanned leather or black. This tablet sleeve I purchased can also double as a useful bag for everything else from cash, cards, and keys, to smaller documents.

And because it’s handmade, you and only a handful other people in the world will own one, with natural variations amongst each product. My favorite part about this bag, the side stitches and embossed logo. It’s truly beautiful work. Watch out for a great “collar stays” pouch holder coming soon.

+ GRAM / 600s Footwear in Red Fishnet

Not really sure if it is still available these days since this pair was from last season, but one can never go wrong with GRAM Shoes, especially the very reasonably priced 600’s edition. 600’s are the most straightforward and basic of GRAM’s full collection, but sometimes they come out with a limited edition pair with creative patterns. The fishnet print on this pair I purchased was inspired by a trip to Japan’s fish market for example.

If 600’s are not your thing, there’s a full line up rather whimsical and manly shoes on their website or at their shop located at 15 Square Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Remember guys, these are statement shoes, so keep everything else simple on you so the shoes can stand out.

+ THYVANE / Ties and Bowties


Besides Hammer & Needle, my other purchases at the Chai Wan Mei Gift Shop include pieces from the just-launched accessories brand, THYVANE and a pair of grandpa socks from The Yesterdayskin, all Hong Kong independent brands that are about to burst globally.

Both brands are generally about extracting from the past and creating something new. The Yesterdayskin label is primarily a womenswear line focused on representing and reforming vintage pieces, while THYVANE is a menswear accessories brand which takes key classic menswear elements and literally turning them inside out. Both bowties I purchased have “rock n’ roll” prints which can be worn on either side, and these “old man” socks feel so uniquely bespoke, and luxurious… just like a second skin. Love the branding and packaging design for both products as well!


Enjoy the last days of summer!


#JJStyle's Top 8 Most Really Useful Gifts For Guys This Summer, Part 1

Those who follow me on my Instagram know my love for them #ootd #(outfit-of-the-day) #JJStyle #menswear #selfies. When I buy something new or receive something as a gift that I love, I usually post it on there, and once it’s there instagrammed and tweeted, I usually leave it at that because I’m too lazy busy to actually write about the item. I figured those who read the blog also follow me on instagram, and you can pretty much get the message there. Just as a #JJStyle pic example lm there above modelling my new favorite THYVANE bowtie to my Instagram pals!

Anyway, it’s been a slow end of August news-wise and event-wise, so I figured I’d collate all the best stuff from this Summer 2013 that I actually loved and found really useful before we jump into Fall / Winter 2013.

In no particular order, here’s my Top 8 items from the Summer that I truly loved, used plenty, and I guarantee would make great gifts in general.

+ TRUNKS BY TIMO / ‘Edition’ Swimmers

There was an amazing glut of swimmers for men this season, but one brand, TIMO, a little Thai label that could, really stood out because users loved its unique one-of-a-kind prints and the trunk’s specially tailored cut (just at the thigh or right above it).

TIMO received its first global break earlier in the year when BRYANBOY blogged about the shorts during the Siam Center Re-opening in Bangkok. Since then these luxurious shorts made of a silky yet durable fine microfibre, have just been flying off the shelves. You can order TIMO shorts online or you can grab them from Kapok in Hong Kong!

+ DANWARD / Blue Nylon Sports Bag 

Earlier this summer I was able to interview DANWARD’s founder, Daniel Ward, on his new line of swimwear. His inaugural collection also included poolside accessories such as flip-flops and nylon carry-alls. This navy blue and white striped nylon beach bag holds pretty much everything… towels, trunks, books, ipads, magazines you name it. The design of all DANWARD’s sporty bags are so clean and minimalist that you can probably sneak your gym gear in them and take it to the office with you. It sure beats those douchey bags that say “Fitness First” on them.

+ KEF / M500 Headphones

KEF sent me and Angus a pair of these amazing headphones in June. The design is clean yet masculine. The casing is made of brushed aluminium, and the whole headphone sits soft with padded ears and crown. The best part, the smooth and sexy sound offering crisp audio with an attractive deep bass. I walk around town or take these babies to the beach… it literally feels like i’m sitting in a sports car. Love them.

+ KOMONO / Fat Wizard Special Ontour Collection

I’m a workaholic, so no beach for me without my beach friendly watch to let me know when i’ve had enough fun. I just discovered this brand, KOMONO, this summer as I was reading about it in an in-flight magazine… while in flight. This “eye” design really caught both my eyes plus my third eye, and I immediately asked the universe to send one my way. Sure enough a few weeks later I was in Bangkok where I bumped into one of these on display at the mall where I bought it right away. Never looked back. I’ve got plenty of fancy watches, but when I wear this, it truly makes me happy.



#JJStyle: Yo JJ, Where Are Your Glasses From?

Everyday I get asked, “JJ, where are you glasses from?”. And I mean everyday. By friends, work colleagues, followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook…and if I did allow questions to be asked on Tumblr, I’m sure I would get asked then too. And just yesterday during an intense meeting with a corporate developer client (everyone over 45 years old), one guy closed out the meeting asking me where my glasses were from. He really loved it. It was quite random.

Me. I love my glasses.

They’re so versatile. They go with everything. And they go with all kinds of looks I can put together. 

This look below wearing my glasses with a Zal Paleri Jacket, Club Monaco Shirt, Gap Chinos, and Puma Black Label Mirayasuhiro loafers for Blue Carreon’s dinner.

And then this look below with a Suit from TCNY and a pocket square from Jim Thompson.

They even go with my schleppy airport look.

The glasses were actually purchased in Beijing at WUHAO as I’ve mentioned in an earlier post. And they were actually Sunglasses originally. They were an investment then, but today… it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

The glasses are under the Thierry Lasry brand from Paris, but a collaboration with Garrett Leight based in Los Angeles aka Paris meets Los Angeles Collection.

Born in 1984 in Venice Beach, Garrett Leight (below right) is actually the son of Larry Leight and Cindy Lieght, founders of the famous eyeglasses brand, Oliver Peoples. So he pretty much grew up surrounded by eyewear.

GLCO or the Garrett Leight California Optical was created in 2010 and is defined not only by Garrett’s iconic silhouette which aims for strong long lines as compared to Oliver People’s unique round shapes, but the plastic frames of Garrett Leight glasses are produced from custom made cellulose acetate, and handmade at the Mazzuchelli factory in Italy, or sourced from vintage acetate in Japan.

My glasses, titled “The Harding”, is actually part of a first batch of prototypes for his recently released Garrett Leight Icons collection and was inspired by prominent American playwright and essayist, Arthur Miller.

Check out this video below on the process of the design:

“The Harding’s” unique profile is characterized by its flat top bar, wide keyhole bridge, and smoothly rounded rims, to achieve the clean and modern look according to GQ Online.

Thierry Lasry, like Garrett Leight, was also surrounded by eyewear. His father was an optician and his mother, a designer. The brand, based in Paris, was launched in 2006, and is defined by the concept of “Futuristic Vintage” and goes more for the “avant-garde” approach to things. The metal on the sides of my glasses are a signature of the Thierry Lasry look.


Some of my other favorite glasses I own… this one by Warby Parker. (Paired with a shirt from COS, and a tailored tux jacket.)

Purchased at their pop-up in New York last year.

And I also own these glasses from Robert Geller from a few years ago. (Paired with PUMA Black Label Hussein Chalayan)

I can go on and on… because for those who have been to my flat… there’s a whole glass bowl of glasses and sunglasses. Some cost 5 USD and other cost 600USD all thrown in and mixed together.

As long as the style is right. You’re good to go! 

Above: Carrera x Lane Crawford BLITZ

WEAR Garrett Leight / WEAR Thierry Lasry / WEAR Warby Parker / WEAR Robert Geller


#JJStyleExclusive: Lorenzo Boglione Takes 100 Year Old Superga To Asia

Tonight Italy descendes upon Hong Kong with a celebration for the world’s first “Rubber Shoes”, and I mean this literally, when Superga launches it’s first flagship store at Harbour City with a harbour side party… where you can see this unusually large Superga shoe.

In 1911, The Superga brand was launched withen a company in Turin started producing waterproof rubber-soled boots for agriculture, and vulcanized rubber-soled footwear. And by 1934, Superga models expanded for use in sports activities like tennis, basketball, yachting, and fitness training, for example.

I got my first pair this past Christmas, when the folks at Superga HK sent me my first ever in this blue color. (via theW+ Instagram)

Safe to say… i’ve pretty much been hooked since then.

That said this week we were able to have a quick 5 minute chat with Lorenzo Boglione (pictured above), Business Developer for the brand, and son of Marco Boglione, whose company, BasicNet Group, owns Superga and other brands like Kappa, Robe di Kappa, Jesus Jeans, Lanzera, K-Way, Anzi Besson, and Sabelt. We discussed his thoughts on Superga, the lifestyle, his expansion to Asia, and being 27 years old.


theWanderlister+ and Lorenzo Boglione, April 2013

theW+: Lorenzo, congrats on opening a store in Hong Kong! So what excites you the most about Superga?

Lorenzo Boglione: That it’s a brand with more then 100 years of glorious history… but that in the next 5 years we are ready to write the best pages of this wonderful story. Superga with its typical Italian classic and stylish vibe can become the real alternative to the American sneakers.. (it’s so real and genuine that can compete - and beat! – any other shoe brand).

theW:  The Superga brand and shoe has had a very long history and has had a great influence on leisure and sport fashion for more than a century, yet it is still quite fairly new and unknown in Asia. How do you see this brand expanding in the East?

LB: The brand changed hands few times in the 90’s… and the international expansion started a little bit late compared with other Italian Brands. Now it’s in our hands… and after a successful repositioning in Europe, It’s ready to expand globally. The Italian DNA of the brand, together with the taste of the designers will make the difference in the Asian market. I see the brand first gaining a strong position in the coolest/ younger part of the market and after that, expanding to a broader public. 

theW+: You are fairly young, at 27 years old, representing the further growth of a 100 year old fashion brand. How did you get to where you are now and what motivates you and your work?

LB: I started 3 years ago.. in the Business Development at BasicNet just after graduating in a French University. The Superga team is a very young and dynamic and I was immediately given great opportunities. The motivations are huge when you see such a great potential and you have in your hands all the tools to exploit it. I just see fantastic opportunities in front of me and I can’t wait to grab them all! The fact that my family is the main shareholder of the company adds even more motivations to my job… if needed!

theW+: Not to mention the pressure! So the Superga lifestyle… how do you define it?

LB: Yes indeed! I do live and love the Superga lifestyle because at the end it’s the Italian lifestyle! Italian lifestyle means work hard and have a lot of fun! And that is what we do out there.

theW+: Hong Kong needs more of that fun haha… Do you wear Superga’s and what is your favorite style?

LB: I always wear Superga’s and for sure my favorite style is THE Superga.. the 2750 Cotu Classic.. The question should be what is my favorite color! For Summer white with no doubt.. And I would say Full black in winter.

theW+: The Superga look is quite iconic, will we see more of the same style or will we see different designs in the future?

LB: For sure today Superga is recognizable with one style, but Superga back in the 70’s was a proper tennis shoe and in general a sport shoe, today we already have in our collections many different kind of sneakers together with some Italian style and sailing moccasins.

 theW+:What are your favorite places in the world to travel to? Any place in Asia you dream to visit?

LB:I like to say the one I will visit the next! But if I had to chose a few, I would say South America first. All of it, every time I go I discover something new, people are friendly and positive and obviously the nature is amazing. Asia… I am really looking forward to better know the South-Eastern part of Asia… Indonesia and Philippines are places I never had the chance to visit and they are at the top of my wish list!

theW+: Well i’m from the Philippines, and I’d definitely love to give you a few notes on where to go! So anyway, in your opinion, what is the one thing a man can’t live without?

LB:I think that man can’t live without loving and knowing! We can’t live alone, so we need somebody to love that lives this life with us and we can’t live in ignorance, so we must have access to information, culture, education.

theW+ Thanks so much Lorenzo. See you more in Asia we hope!

So Italian…

Music’s latest sensation, Rita Ora, is now the spokes model for Superga.

Check out these ones for kids I saw at Lane Crawford last year.

WEAR Superga / Shop 2607, Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Kowloon, 2175 0228, Open Daily 10am-10pm


Lucky Loubie

It was a hot night yet again on Wyndham Street in Hong Kong as the historic shopfront and flagship of Christian Louboutin, celebrated a whisky tasting night for Men Only.

Below, DJ Angus in one of his many Loubies and Shanghai Tang’s designer of menswear, Armele Barbier.

The brand which was created in 1992, and made popular by TV character Carrie Bradshaw’s obsession in the HBO hit series, Sex in the City, is not a bastion of shoes for women only. Speaking with Louboutin press reps that evening, the invite for the party was for MEN ONLY, and that all ladies in attendance were actually “Plus Ones”.

It’s a testament to how far the brand has gone to achieve a certain profile and status as the man’s luxury party shoes of choice.

Loubies don’t come cheap, but worn well, they do make a great statement. Guys can pick from classic hi-top styles to loafers. Either way, they’ll make you fit right at home at whatever bar, club, or restaurant you’d like to check out over the weekend.

Roni Hiranand showing off his Loubie look.

Now debuting in Hong Kong especially for men* is a bespoke embroidery service simply called, Men’s Tattoo Service

*Okay there is also a similar service for ladies with a choice of four classic Louboutin styles.

The Tattoo Service allows you to custom make a your own shoe based on your own tattoos, and if you have no tattoos, an ideal tattoo design you would like. You pick your shoe styles, color, thread color, beadwork elements, etc. The bespoke order is then sent to Paris to be created by Louboutin’s artisans. The whole process takes about 3 months from the time of order and prices range between 1060-4000 euros depending on materials, technique of embroidery, and size of the tattoos ordered.

The rest of the night was pretty fun. It was a like a Hiranand/Harilela family reunion there. They LOOOOVE their Loubies.

Raje Hiranand in flowy beige with a spikey Loubie bag.

I met Riva for the first time. She’s fluent in about 500 languages. And she introduced herself to me in Tagalog, which I thought was pretty cool.

The gorgeousness, her Highness Shirley Hiranand and Reyna Harilela, just hanging out with French lingerie designer, Chantal Thomass.

Then it was lucky draw time, Shirley went up to pick a business card from the box to win a Louboutin Men’s Briefcase as the only prize/swag of the evening! By this time I was concentrating, definitely using the Law of Attraction and the Power of the Secret to get my hands on that prize!

As Shirley was jokingly telling me that I should win that briefcase… guess what!!???

The Law of Attraction really works! :)

Thanks so much for a great night at at the Hiranand Family Reunion Christian Louboutin Men’s Whisky Tasting Evening!

We all had a great time. I love my bag! Thank you!

Last Call!

Christian Loboutin’s Men’s Tattoo Service ONLY AVAILABLE at Mount Steet Boutique London, Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau Paris, Washington Street New York, Robertson Street LA, Sanlitun Village Beijing, and Wyhndam Street Hong Kong. Fancy.

WEAR Christian Louboutin Men’s Boutique Hong Kong, 10-12 Wyhdnam Street, Hong Kong, 852.2530-2198 


#JJStyle: Sunny With A Side of Unar Coffee

Now that i’ve finally got some personal time to do nothing on a Sunday… (no traveling, no lunches, no brunches, no meetings, no dinners, no events, etc.), I find myself wondering what it is I CAN do with this personal time that would make it the most effective use of the time that I do have to myself. I can’t possibly do Nothing? But I can’t possibly do ANYTHING because that would defeat the point of personal time. So trying to figure out what to do during a moment’s peace just ended up stressing me out big time. HASHTAG WORKAHOLIC.

So instead, I decided to call it quits on worrying and for today’s actually sunny Sunday I decided to just enjoy Hong Kong’s rarely pleasant Autumn weather. While some friends were out on a junk and others were meeting family, I took this “personal time” and met up with my pal Katrina to take a meander around the Tai Hang hood to our favorite coffee joint, Unar Coffee Company, for some late arvo chat with some caffeine (probably the best in town).

I love sitting outside at Unar, especially on a beautiful Autumn Hong Kong day like today. Reading the Sunday International New York Times on the iPad and chatting with the neighbors is the best idea ever. Hope you had a great Sunday doing nothing as well! Loving the season already. Ready to dress like a grandpa until March.

#JJStyle Notes: Cardigan by LEE Jeans, Jeans by LEE Jeans reTHINK Eco-Friendly Denim Collection, Shoes by VANS x Liberty London, Sunglasses by Subcrew x MIKLI, Watch by NIXON, iPad Case by Hammer & Needle

DRINK Unar Coffee Company . GF, No.4 Second Lane, Tai Hang, Hong Kong . +852-28385231