Classy Mika. 

I am bit upset, because all the details I was working at has gone here, on tumblr.
(especially, the portrait! Tell me, if I should post only the portrait. I quite like it. If you like it as well, I’ll post it)


Especially, for c0smic-eternity, the progress of my last painting.

1. Sketch and first attempt to set the right proportions.
2. Base colours. Between 1. and 2. step should be one more picture (but I forgot to save it) with only few colour smears - skin colours, brown for hair and white and grey for clothes. First colour researches. Don’t look at his mouth, awful.
3. Mouth improvment. Searching for colours - part two.
4. I was trying to warm up the colours at his hair and diversify the colours of his skin - using not only skin colours (like peach, pink, orange) but also grey, blue, fuscous and red.
5. Searching for light in his hair. 
6. Adding more colours to his neck and clothes. Finally. I realised how bad ear was looking before and painted it again.
7. Final realisation! Preparing the background. I added cherry glow to light up Mika. But then, I thought, that I want to close his face up, so…
8. …I changed the composition and I still don’t know which is better. Want to help and share your opinions? Then, I could post also the other version if you liked it more. 

One of my favourite thing in tumblr is meeting people from many different countries. This is a sheet from my skechbook. At the top of the flower I tried to write “I love you” in Arabic, as my tumblr friend, stalkingmika, learned me. 

I scanned it, as I promised, Rima - I hope that I wrote it correct! I probably didn’t, did I? 

I hope that I didn’t write something embarrasing. 

I hope you like it!