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omg hi you don't know me but i'm like in love with your blog and on thursday i saw the boys in toronto and zayn looked so pERFECT and every time i looked at him all i could think of was "monica would be shitting herself rn" ok idk i thought i should tell you so ily thank you for being perfect. oh and your "free cd" tag is my favourite thing on tumblr oh my god

lol omg 8uieorwkfsd bless

isnt he like incredible and breathtaking irl omfg it’s not faIR how pretty he is and thOSE EYES OH MY GOD

omg ily you’re soo nice omg 

blESS. free cd just makes my day jfc

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Which X Factor performance was your favourite? your icon is perfect btw akfsjfisaf

total eclipse of heart(noy counting torn ofc) and omg thanksss<3

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thank youuu <3

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omg automatic loveletter legit used to be like my favourite band and then she was in remembering sunday with all time low and i puked because she’s PERFECT and then she came in second on the voice and i bawled ok i love her so mUCH

asdfdhjs you become more perfect by the second

omg same same same! i wish i knew she was on the voice

i’m watching it for the first time tonight jkdhjkakjljlhkfd i love her voice