Why Vento Aureo

woa, hello there!
I’m doing a lot of cosplay shits (and homework and other stuff)so i’m not very active lately, sorry.
Welp, here is the topic:
I’m following in facebook a lot of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fan - pages and i saw that a lot of people (not usually the admins) hate Vento Aureo. Mostly the bad critics are from Vento Aureo, but sometimes Stone Ocean is a victim too.
I do not understand this very well. I love all of the Jojo parts: Yes, sometimes the manga is VERY GREAT OH FUCK but sometimes is very “meh” too, but that is part of its ‘charm’  (i’m in love with the manga, ya'know).
So, here is my answer: Why people consider  part 5 as shit?