@ryeong9: 엔터K에서 소개 된 영화 <스물> 봤음 ㅋㅋ 제작진들하고 같이 보고 나옴 ㅋㅋㅋ 짱짱 웃겨 최고당!!!!! « 혜린누나는 일 있어서 같이 못봄 ㅠ
@ryeong9: Watched the movie <Twenty> that Entertainment K introduced ㅋㅋ Watched it together with the production team ㅋㅋㅋ It’s jjang jjang funny, the best!!!!! « Hyerin noona had work so she couldn’t watch with us ㅠ (cr)


These were during inkigayo pre recording where fans waited 4 hours for SHINee until very late(past 1 AM) then it rained so fans who were queuing outside were allowed inside the hall. SHINee bought the fans snacks and went down to talk to them and thank them and apologize for making them stay so late. SHINee kept on talking to the fans taking turns until the pre recording for inki comeback stage starts.

A precious moment to remember.
A lesson learned where if fans respect the idols the security wouldnt need to be so rough on them and they can get close to the artists. —[M] 131011 SHINee @SBS Inkigayo Pre-recording for ‘EVERYBODY’

They’re so lucky T.T envied~

[Jjang interview]: L shi, you filmed a lot of MVs lately, which one is your favorite?
  • Myungsoo:I feel very honored of being able to film K Will sunbaenim's MV, it was very fun, but my favorite MV so far would be sunggyu hyung's 60 seconds.
  • Other members:OOHHHHHHH~
  • Sunggyu:*pats myungsoo's back* (in English) I LOVE YOU.
  • Woohyun:hyung, but you said you hated L filming your MV.
  • Other members:(unstoppable laughter)

I heard that you were sort of a school fighter?
That’s a twisted story. I think that resulted from the differences between the Seoul kids and the Uijeongbu kids. Because when the Uijeongbu kids meet, they first ask who the jjang (best fighter) of each other’s school is. So I also asked the question to Jiyong when I met him for the first time, “Who is the jjang of your school?” Jiyong answered me, and then asked back where I was ranked in my school. I said the jjang was this, the second-in-command was that, and the next was me. I was joking, but it was true those kinds of kids were my friends because I was a boy who liked dancing rather than studying. (Spring of Dong Youngbae)