Chattin' It Up With Dreem Entertainment

Okay I didn’t get a chance to make it to the Ladies Night at The Schuch (July 28th, 2K11) to see the live performances again. I know, I know some y’all may be wondering what happened this time!?! Well I am disclosing that information because it is highly embarrassing. Moving right along, I was trying to figure out how to write about the live performance and still be able to have a blog post on it. After talking it over with JJack, he gave me an idea of interviewing Dreem Entertainment since they performed at The Schuch on July 28th. Maybe they can also tell me how JJack did on his one-time performance. I know he rocked it. And I know the Dreem Entertainment crew rocked it as well. M-80 TheMC was gracious enough to tell me about the record label and musical good stuff they got in the works. I guess you can say that M-80 is the official Dreem Entertainment Spokesman. Let’s get this chat session crackin’ :)

Before we get started, can you just give me a little background info about Dreem Entertainment and also the artists who are on y’all team?

M-80: (D.R.E.E.M.) Dreem Entertainment, LLC was founded in mid-2007. Dreem Entertainment isn’t a group per-say, its a label with solo artists who collaborate very often; some what like G-Unit. The name is actually an acronym, but to avoid the trouble of spelling it out while speaking, Dreem just sounds better. Many times, Dreem ENT heard by ear is often mistaken for Dream ENT (lol). Currently on the roster is: M80 TheMC (myself), King Smooth, Vic Smith, Bishop, RayShawn, Ray P, & Big LO.

I know y’all performed at The Schuch on July 28th 2K11. How was the performance?

M-80: Our performance at The Schuch was WONDERFUL. The crowd was pretty supportive as well. If they weren’t nodding their heads or dancing, we most DEFINITELY had their undivided attention.

How long was the set and what songs did you performed to the crowd?

M-80: The energy we crammed into the 7-minute set was crazy. We performed a momentous climatic mixture of songs. M80 TheMC (myself) started the show with a quick excerpt (one verse) from his song “Imaginary”. Next, King Smooth did the same with an excerpt from “Shut It Down” off his recently released “I Am Music” project. Then the two carried that explosiveness into the punchline-driven “I’m Ill,” and the infamous energetic “I’m So Raw,” which were the show-stoppers of the night!

What was it like seeing Da Hype Magazine’s own JJack perform for that one night only at The Schuch?

M-80: It was a beautiful sight to see J-Jack up there on his stage w/ his click doing his thing. He was mad energetic and hype as ever as if though he never left the presence of stage period! Crazy as it may seem, it sort of felt like he didn’t truly get the attention & respect he deserved for being a local legend. But then again, that comes with the territory of music and the constant evolution in the hip hop sound.

Speaking of y’all name, what are y’all “dreems” for the future?

M-80: Our “dreems” for the future would have to be making an big impact on the hip hop and music industry. That hasn’t been felt for a while now by one label, PERIOD! Nice intentional pun by the way (lol).

What makes Dreem Entertainment unique than any other music entertainment group that’s out there?

M-80: What makes us most unique is the fact that we all have our own different flows, styles, and demographics that we cater or speak to. But at the same time, we ALL STAND FOR the same cause: which is good music - that is compelling, crafty, catchy, but still very true to the origins of hip-hop. We like to call it “Middle-ground music” because its not too mainstream in sound or content, and its not too underground to the point where you’d need to pick up a few college English courses to comprehend. Its right in the middle to where both sides will be satisfied. Everyone stays true to themselves musically and loves to make people react to their every word. And although we stay in our many different lanes, we’re not scared to venture off into each other’s lane either. In so many words, diversity is what we strive for.

Why is the underground hip-hop movement so important to keep alive?

M-80: The underground hip-hop movement is very important to keep alive because that is the last place where real music and real artistry remains. If the underground movement happens to die because its community is now more enticed by money instead of one’s love for the art, you can essentially kiss all music with true feeling and expression goodbye. That’s why we are so thankful for people like J-Jack w/ Da Hype Magazine, Ske3m w/ W989Radio & #989UNITED, or Tony Tigerstyle w/ IndiesStandUp Radio. They continuously try to keep our culture alive and relevant by simply keeping us informed on whats happening in the hip-hop community, both locally and world-wide. They have provided an outlet for aspiring artists to gain exposure on a grand scale and always have their doors open, never expecting anything in return but RESPECT!

Any current or upcoming projects you want to share with the readers to keep an eye out for?

M-80: Currently, the first released project of the summer was from King Smooth. “I Am Music” was released digitally via Datpiff.com (MediaFire, MegaUpload, etc.) on 7/26, while physical copies will be made available at a later date. There are a lot of projects from us slated to be released soon. M80 (myself) is currently putting the finishing touches on his “On 80’s Radio: Volume 2” project, which is slated to drop in the August. Ray P will definitely raise the bar with his upcoming project “Ray’s The Bar”, which is slated to drop in August as well. RayShawn plans to get everyone’s “Mind Elevated” in early September. Vic Smith is working diligently on his “From Me To You” project, which will also be dropping in the near future. Bishop is working on his currently untitled project as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming projects, music, videos and all the other interesting stuff on D.R.E.E.M. Entertainment. Make sure that you check out Dreem Entertainment on these 4 sites for music and much more:





Thanks M-80 and Dreem Entertainment for the opportunity to interview y’all. Much love and success!!!!! :)


Here is the founder and editor of Da Hype Magazine, JJack. He’s been doing the mag since 2004. The digital and physical copies have not only been distributed in the state of Michigan but also nationwide.

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