Second Mission

My first mission was amazing, so I asked for another.  This is what I received.

"Grab a partner and go mop the Castle. Every single floor. People track dirt, you know.  The Castle is white, after all, so it should be easy to see dirt. It’ll also be easier for me to see any spots you’ve missed. Also, try to pick a partner that’s among one of the newer members. They’re shy, or so it seems.

Thank you for volunteering yourself dear. I hope you’ll do just fine.”

((Free bitty drawing to the first person who can guess the reference Unique got it.))

xalitin-deactivated20120203 said:

I know you probably don't but is there anyone you look up to?

Of course I look up to members!

Mr. Xelege- because he’s faster than I could ever be and treats me like an equal member of the group.

Ms. Jixsei- because there are two sides to authority: that which pushes you to your breaking point, and that which protects you when your best isn’t enough.

Xalel- because not every girl has to be dainty, petite, and rely on a man for a good fight.  And she can punch a shark.

Xathalas- because having a man by your side doesn’t make you any less threatening as a female member.

Wyxmern- because being small doesn’t mean you should be a pushover, and you should never underestimate your abilities.

Jinix- because it’s okay to let out your dark side when you’re angry.

Anxis- because it’s okay to let loose and make mischief.

Nelujix- because it’s okay to be passionate about what you love, and an older member should never let old shames get the better of them in the now.

Ximraa- because it’s okay to be yourself, even if no one else understands or agrees with you.