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I’m horrible at following rules. I’m just going to answer Unmartyre’s question because I don’t feel like making up my own questions, haha. Maybe I’ll do the rest later!

1. If you had to choose between death and living the rest of your life in the prehistory, what would your choice be?

Death. History is already written, but what comes after death remains a mystery. 

2. Do you like math? Why (not)?

I like visual math. I am a visual learner. You put something in front of me and explain what it means and I grasp understanding very quickly. For example, geometry or statistics because they are relevant. I hate algebra, calculus, etc., because it’s much harder for me to grasp their concepts. 

3. How many languages do you speak? Which ones? How did you learn them?

English- It is my native tongue. 

Spanish- I took 6 years in school and speak with many native spanish speakers on my day to day basis. 

4. What phone do you have?

Samsung Focus

5. Do you prefer capitalism to communism even though capitalism doesn’t really take notice of poverty?

Both have very apparent flaws but I think I prefer capitalism out of the two evils. 

6. Which do you prefer: science or humanities? Why?

Humanities. I believe that more wisdom is acquired from self-reflection. 

7. If you had the chance to go into space, would you take it even though there’s a risk of never making it back to Earth?

Absolutely. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a mild obsession with the unknown- especially space. 

8. Would you rather be a pirate or join the Navy?

I would make a better pirate than Navy. I’m awful at following others. 

9. What is your happiest memory from school?

The several skipped classes spent in the art room senior year. 

10. Do you have a high or low self-esteem?

I fluctuate. 

11. When you go shopping, do you buy things because you really need them or just because you like to buy new things?

I buy things because I like them, not need. With that being said I can also be very thrifty.