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♥ you are fab tho

what are you talking about omG im not. 

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Three weeks ago, my maternal grandpa asked me whether I had any Malay language dictionary.

My 85 year-old gong gong was determined to learn the language. (Even before an ex-minister’s nonsense rants on Chinese refusing to master Malay!)

He reads newspaper daily and stays updated with what is happening. He does not know how to drive but ambulates freely and commutes between Air Itam, Balik Pulau and Tanjung by taking bus. My gong gong is a hakka man who left China when he was a kid. It is funny that we cannot speak Hakka (including my mum) so we answer him in Hokkien or Mandarin although he talks to us in Hakka. He used to earn his living as a tailor and “write digit” as part time job. He still sewed pot holders for me few months ago. 

After my maternal grandma passed away, family gathering is less and CNY no longer “lau jiok”.  I am certainly guilty of not spending enough time with my grandparent. Whenever I visit him, he is always beaming which makes his wrinkles more obvious. Yet, grandparent never has any demand for their children or grandchildren’ time.

I shall make effort to be in the elderly company more. It is kinda fun to hear interesting life stories. Maybe I will grow into life-long learning popo one day.