Baby’s first photo shoot (Andy Biersack Imagine)

About three weeks ago, I had given birth to mine and my husband’s first child, a little boy. Andy was so excited when we found out that we were going to be having a boy. I had been in labor for over 10 hours and the pain was excruciating. I don’t think that I had ever said so many cuss words to Andy and my mom like I did that day.

Today, Andy and I were going to have (Y/S/N) baby pictures taken. I wanted this to be special, mostly for Andy because he was going to be going on tour soon and the doctor said that (Y/S/N) was still to little to be traveling that much, and that I should wait for while before I traveled as well.

"Babe? You ready?" Andy called to me from down the hallway.

"Yeah, I just need to grab something real quick." I said to him.

I had my grandmother knit two batman capes for the photoshoot. They were the cutest things ever. The best part is that Andy doesn’t know about them yet. Before we actually scheduled the photoshoot, I talked to Andy’s mom, Amy, and she’s going to help me distract Andy so the pictures of (Y/S/N) can be a surprise.

"Okay, I got it. You got him?" I ask, walking out of the nursery.
“Yes, and he’s still asleep.” Andy says, smiling down at (Y/S/N).
“Good, let’s go.” I say giving Andy a kiss and walking out the door.

When we arrived at the place where the photo-shoot was going to be taking place, I texted Amy that I would need her to call Andy in ten minutes and keep him busy for a while.

We did a few shots before Amy called, where (Y/S/N) was laying on his stomach, naked and fast asleep.

Andy’s phone rings and I prepare myself to put the capes on (Y/S/N).

"Hello?" Andy answered his phone after the photographer started to glare at him.
“Mom, me and (Y/N) are in the middle of (Y/S/N) pictures right now can it wait?”
Andy paces back and forth and listens to whatever his mom is saying.
“Mom, please? Okay, hang on.” He says, then turns to me, “Babe, I’m going to step outside for a minute, my mom is having trouble with something.” He kisses my cheek and walks outside.

"Okay, do you have it?" The photographer asks.
“Yes, hang on.” I grabbed the cape, and as quickly as I could, I put it on (Y/S/N).
“Okay, hurry ‘cause I don’t know how long she’s going to be able to keep him busy.” I tell the photographer and he nods his head and starts taking the picture.
I quickly change (Y/S/N) into the second cape and the photographer continues. Just before Andy comes back inside, I take the cape off of (Y/S/N).

"Okay, I’m back. What are we going to do now?" Andy asks, walking in and running a hand through his hair.
“We could do ones of all three of you together.” The photographer suggests.
“That’s fine with me.” I say looking at Andy.
He smiles and looks down at me. “Let’s do it.”

We go over to (Y/S/N) and Andy picks him up. Andy pulls me close to him, putting his arm around my waist. We change angles and positions, so that we have many different pictures of all three of us together.

"Okay, I think that’s enough. I’ll put these on the computer and email them to you Mrs. Biersack and also mail to the physical copies." The photographer says.
“Okay, thank you for doing this.” I say while Andy pays him.

~~~~~2 weeks later~~~~~

"Babe, the pictures are here." Andy says, walking in with mail.
“Oh, let me see them.” I yell, grabbing them and walking away from Andy.
“Are you not going to let me see?”
“I will, but first I need do something so hang on. Oh, can you go check on (Y/S/N) please?”
“Yeah sure.” he walks away seeming upset.

While he’s gone, I quickly pull the pictures of (Y/S/N) in the Batman capes out and ran to put them in my bedside table.

"Can I see them now?" Andy asks, walking into our room and smiling at me.
“Yeah.” I reply, handing him the pictures so that we can look at them together.
“Thank you.” Andy says with a beautiful gleam in his eyes.
“For what?”
“Marrying me and giving me a beautiful son.”
“Andy…” I say, my face turning red.
“(Y/N). I mean it. You’re the best.”
Andy wraps his arm around me and kisses my temple.

(Y/S/N) starts crying in the midst of our cute couple moment.

"Can you go get him? I need to do something real quick." I ask Andy.
“Yeah sure, do you want me to bring him in here?”
“Yes please.”

Andy leaves to get (Y/S/N), and I pull the special pictures of (Y/S/N) out of my bedside table and seal them in an envelope. I slide it in the top of Andy’s tour suitcase and sit back on the bed.

"Look bud there’s mommy." Andy says walking to our room with (Y/S/N).
“There’s my beautiful boy.” I coo, smiling and taking him from Andy’s arms. I lean back on the bed and put him on my chest.
“I’m going to miss this.” Andy says while looking at me and (Y/S/N).
“I know, but it’s only been a couple of weeks since he was born, and when you have a break from tour, we’ll go and check to see if maybe me and (Y/S/N) can go.”
Andy lays on the bed beside (Y/S/N) and I.
“I hope.” He whispers before falling asleep.

~ next day ~

Andy left earlier today, and I’m currently trying to go to sleep.
Just as I begin to drift, my phone rings.

“Hi. Were you asleep?” Andy asks.
“I was trying to. Why? What’s up?”
“Nothing we just got to the hotel and I was about to start unpacking, and getting my clothes and shit together for tomorrow. Plus I wanted to hear your voice.”
“Ah, have you opened your suitcase yet?” I ask excitedly.
“No, not yet. Why?”
“Do it while you’re on the phone with me. Please?”
“Okay hang on.”
I can hear him moving around and unzipping a long zipper.
“(Y/N), what’s in the envelop?”
“Open it. I thought it was something you could use while you were away. Plus your mom also had to help me with it.” I said now really excited.

I hear the envelop being ripped open and a gasp come from Andy.
“FaceTime me.” I say.
Andy quickly switches our call to FaceTime.
I answer and my heart explodes at the sight. Andy has the pictures in his hands and tears in his eyes.

"This is why my mom called me that day?"
“Yeah. I had my grandmother make them and I wanted it to be a surprise. I though that maybe because Batman was something you really enjoyed, that having (Y/S/N) in something Batman would mean a lot and help with the fact that we’re not there with you.” I smile proudly at him.
“Andy, hold on, he’s crying.” I put my phone down and walk into the nursery. I pick up our son and go back into mine and Andy’s bedroom.
“Okay, I’m back. And look. (Y/S/N) say hi to daddy.” I turn my phone to where Andy could see both of us.
“God, I can’t wait till I’m home. But seriously, (Y/N), these are the best. And i think they’ll help with homesickness. But make sure you post and send me pictures too.”
I lay (Y/S/N) carefully on the pillow next to me and lay down.
“I will, I told you I would when you left this morning.” I say, slowly falling asleep.
“I know. I’m going to let you go to sleep considered you’re nearly asleep anyway. I love you so much.”
“I love you too Andy, I’ll see you in a few months.”