What's Done in the Dark - Ch. 8, The Fall

Rating: Rated T as it stand right now. Liable to change in future chapters.

Summary: Seventeen year old Jinora Gyatso is a straight A honor student, daughter of Professor Tenzin Gyatso, supposedly all around good girl… and in a tight-lipped secret relationship with Kai Fong, Republic City High’s resident bad boy and delinquent. After they’re exposed, they now have to deal with the consequences and judgments of their year-long secret.

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You can run and you can hide from the entire world, but not yourself.

Not for one second did Jinora believe what Meng Meng had been suggesting. Not for a moment did she have any doubt in her heart that she was Kai’s one and only the same way he was for her. It was an earnest and sincere belief that held the same iron grip it always had. She had no doubt.

Then why did she just feel the need to ask?

It wasn’t even that she needed him to confirm it, but rather… she wanted him to? The entire thing ate away at her all week. At first, her conscience screamed at her that it would have been a bad idea to bring it up in the least. Understanding her boyfriend was. Loving. Accepting, and everything else perfect under the sun. But even he wouldn’t take that kind of question very lightly. They would definitely have to sit down and talk about it if she decided to say anything. With that, she refused to mention it.

For the first couple days that was her firm decision. As the days wore on, however, the thought ate at her and ate at her and continued to do so. Surely, we would understand. Surely, he would simply listen to her and, at the worst, maybe get irritated. She kept telling herself these things until that Sunday they were hanging out at his place while Mako and Bolin were at work and she just couldn’t take it anymore.

They were sitting on the couch, watching television as he was busy sketching out something on his laptop. She looked over at his work.

He’ll understand, she thought to herself. He always does.

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