I also think that America has wizarding technical schools—there’s no reason for everyone to study magical theory if you’re just going to practice magical creature husbandry, for example, or be a healer’s assistant. Plus, have you seen those tuition rates? A farmer’s son, who just needs a couple spells and charms to ensure good soil and even furrows, can’t pay that nonsense.

America also has a huge magical car industry, based out of Detroit. A wizarding car doesn’t fly (or change lights at a whim, they had problems with that one) but the dashboard has about twelve hundred buttons for invisibility or parallel parking. They disguise them as “AUX” buttons since absolutely no one, muggle or wizard, knows what those are for.

There’s a ton of wizarding/Muggle pop culture crossover in America, and Muggles usually act as tastemakers for the wizarding side—which results in a lot of bad imitation of the wizards’ part, second-rate art and poorly acted television shows.

(Yeah, none of that radio nonsense, AWTN has been up and running since the first vacuum tube. The programming is pretty limited, and the news leans on the dry side, but still!)

(This changes when they discover reality television in 2010, and realize that watching people hex each other? Better than the Kardashians.)

And to be quite honest, we do not care about the Israeli society. We don’t care to humanize or dehumanize them, although the latter is more appropriate. We will never buy into this two-sides two-equal-suffering all-we-want-is-peace bullshit. We don’t want peace with Zionists or with anyone that reaps the profits from a inherently violent jingoistic colonial system.

And this might disappoint you greatly, but we don’t advocate for transitional justice nor do we have the luxury talking about truth and reconciliation when being bombed, fragmented and deprived of our most basic rights. Transitional justice is for white people. We want revenge from the system that stripped us of our humanity.

To the Israeli society in general: Coexistence is not on the agenda. We do not have the time to waste waiting for Israel’s radicals to make a social revolution or convince their society that Zionism sucks. We are not imploring, beseeching, or asking you. We demand an end to the occupation, for you to break out of the prisons you have for minds, and for the love of all things good and holy, end the siege on Gaza.

Lol are folks actually doing a ‘hindsight is 20/20’ shit about the Iraq War? The war that had the largest anti-war demonstrations in human fucking history BEFORE IT STARTED and you wanna go ‘well yeah sure in hindsight’ NO, YOU JINGOIST ASSHAT, NOT HINDSIGHT

Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in this history of mankind.

Mankind — that word should have new meaning for all of us today.

We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore.

We will be united in our common interests.

Perhaps its fate that today is the 4th of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution — but from annihilation.

We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist.

And should we win the day, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice:

"We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a fight!

We’re going to live on!

We’re going to survive!”

Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!

—  President Thomas J. Whitmore

seriously the biggest gham for me is the 10 days until ashura but right after that are the 10 days leading up to august 14th hahaha 

i usually forget about everything but then seeing patriotic stuff on my dash triggers me to rant. maybe we should make a trigger warning for minorities who understand how nationalism is the devil’s best friend

and i remember how EVERYBODY always gets so stressed by US presidential elections i couldn’t help thinking, “u know who becomes president can be a matter of life and death for us even though we’re not americans sometimes i can’t help but think we ought to have a say even though i know why THAT can’t make sense.”

like everybody was so stressed and freaking out after what happened with bush. not that obama is perfect and he has indeed made mistakes, but he is the first american president i’ve lived to see who really seems to really understand the more subtle nuances of the outside world and the perspective of none us citizens- and it’s always glaringly obvious next to the republican candidates who are trumpeting this jingoistic, 1950s sort of Pax Americana, “America never needs to apologise!” US exceptionalism that makes me feel damned uneasy. 

"I feel that I should use the phrase England My Lionheart somewhere on this page. I’m not quite sure why. Not in a jingoistic little England manner. More I think because it is a song/phrase that conjures a very particular yearning, loss and hope, which is something that architecture such as the above can also at times seems to…"


the US is not America

I mean

I think of myself as an American out of habit (US American is better; everything else sounds ridiculous), but calling the country 'America' sounds really bizarre

like either really snide or really jingoistic


I still think someone should do a hyper-jingoistic neoconservative film in Goddard aesthetic with the French and the smoking teens

Shameful confession

I love country music videos where girls where American flag bikini tops

I love them because they’re so trashy and the idea that they’re dancing to music all about GOD BLESS AMERICA, AMERICA IS SO GREAT while also disgracing the flag without knowing it (GO READ THE FLAG CODE IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME) is just so fucking hawwwwt

this is a rare instance where the girl doesn’t even have to be fat, although it wouldn’t hurt.

Once my ship comes in, I am going to commission all the fatty porn models to wear American flag bikini tops and dance to the smuggest, most jingoistic music. Possibly Toby Keith.

My family is made up of Anglo-Americans, Irish, Mexican-Americans, Black Americans, and Filipinos.  I am sick of this white vs. nonwhite shit.  I guess these tumblr morons do not understand just how culturally integrated this country is becoming to understand this worst.

Worst since all this shit that is happened over the past 48 hours. I can’t help but think of all my family lost in the last three decades, people whom I cared about either to drunk driving, or gang violence. I don’t want to lose another family member, especially since I grew up with them and they are a brother to me. My family (not just my mom, dad, and sister) has not been complete for years. Just fuck you, you fake as sjws with your anti-white horse shit. Fuck you jingoist morons who hate “illegals” and Mexicans. Just piss off.

I just fucking hate this place some fucking time. Fuck your anti-white bullshit. Fuck any racist bullshit.  Piss off and fuck off.

Listen to you

Listen to you

My name is Adrian Madriz. I am a Christian in the Episcopal tradition, a son and brother, a Latino, a Miamian, and an American. I am gay, relatively young and a Millennial. I am also a former fellow of the 2008 Obama for America campaign, and a former Field Organizer of the 2012 OFA Campaign.

I am making this video and its associated blog because I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that I can no longer support President Obama.

The happiest day of my life was Nov. 4th 2008. Never had I ever felt more optimistic about the future, or more proud of what I helped accomplish. It was the first day of a new age in history. It would be different because we would have a functioning and effective leadership that would restore the people’s faith in government and it’s potential. One that would be run by intelligent people that would meet the country’s basic needs, and wouldn’t start jingoistic wars, would work to end oppression, and would make sure America avoided the pitfalls of empires in decline.

But then, Guantanamo Bay stayed open, Chelsea Manning was thrown in jail and the orchestrators of the Global Financial crisis were not. Drones began to kill innocent civilians and American citizens, our government became less transparent, more secretive, and more willing to violate the civil liberties of every congressman, foreign dignitary or American citizen that got in its way. We started humanitarian wars in Libya, and turned a blind-eye to the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

But absolutely none of that shook the resolve of my support for President Obama. From the get go, I knew he wasn’t going to be perfect, and I knew that he was not singularly in charge of what got done and what didn’t. I defended all of his shortcomings vociferously to my friends who had begun to question if he really was the change they could believe in. Any cognitive dissonance I had was quickly dissolved by the earnest belief that the core of who he was, and what he valued had not actually changed. This was the pragmatic price to pay for stable and effective governance, and for our safety.

After all, he had succeeded in so many ways. How could I discount that? I cheered when the ACA became law, when student loan reforms had passed, when DADT was overturned, and yes, when Osama Bin Laden was killed.

But all of those successes, and all of that work was betrayed this past week when he decided to take the United States back to war with Iraq.

Some people may look at my waning support and wonder, “Why now? Why this issue?”. Because even though I was able to somehow explain away all of the other disagreements I had with the Obama Administration, this one simply could not be explained for two reasons. #1 Because it is a continuation of the United States’ imperial oppression. It is merely the latest instance of a long series of actions the United States has taken to let us know that it really has no interest in letting go of its hegemony. And further, that as a hegemonic power, it will be no different than its predecessors. That we will be a country that hides its mistakes and gives comfort to the oppressors. That we will say Michael Brown passed away when we all know he was murdered. #2, because the issue of Iraq is what made you, you President Obama. Back in 2007, when your campaign was first announced and folks were trying to decide between you, Hillary and Edwards, you were the only one that stood against the war in Iraq from the beginning. It was the issue that made you different, that made you more qualified, and made us more hopeful.  

But on a personal level, this new War in Iraq is the latest drop in a bucket of broken promises that I can no longer prevent from spilling over. It is the point where I have to say, “No more.”

And it is especially hard for me, not just because I worked so hard to get you in office, but because for these last 7 years since I first decided to support you, my entire life has basically been about you. Indeed, one of the strongest associations my friends have about me is my fervent support for you. It is how I’ve defined myself to them. It has bordered on obsession at times. My birthday in 2009 was Obama themed, with Obama decorations and even an Obama cake. My walls were littered with your campaign signs, propaganda and newspaper clippings. My user name on various sites and videogames has been ObamaPwnsGOP. I wouldn’t know the man I am today if you had never become the President you are now.

You gave me the values I hold today, including the belief that America could be strong without displaying military strength, that racism is not a relic of the 1960s, and that you can be a proud American without being proud of what America does.

And so, untangling you from my life requires me to really think about who I’m going to be, and who I really am. Before I was the man who dared to believe that things could really change. Now, after this new mission in Iraq, I’m most certainly the fool who just refused to grow up and accept that things can never truly change. These past 7 years have merely delayed the inevitable transformation into the hard-hearted cynical person we’re all fated to become.

In late July, I made a proclamation to social media that if we were to go back to Iraq that the only pictures of you that I would post would be the ones of me burning everything I own that bears your name. Though you may not be a man of your word, I still am.

Over the next 51 days until Oct. 7th, I will burn one thing of mine that I associate with you, either because your name is on it, or because my association with the item is too tied up in you. This will be very difficult because many of these items go beyond trinkets from your campaign. They bear the names of people I met in my time working for you, or they’re even things which will one day be very valuable, like these business cards from your Senate office. They’re even going to be things like my graduation cap, because I was not only blessed to work for you, but also to have you speak at my graduation from the University of Michigan.

Why 51 days, because that’s how much time you have left before you have to get Congress to authorize the military operation in Iraq, under the War Powers Act. Sure, you’re lawyers might argue that it’s all part of the original AUMF from 2002, but you know in your heart what’s right and what isn’t. If you ignore congress, you’re wrong. If you stop this war, or you go to Congress, I will stop burning my things. Not because this is meant to be an ultimatum. Rather, I will take it as an indication that I was wrong about you, in a prodigal way.

And so slowly but surely, the next 51 days will see me burn what little hope I have left. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for you to prove me wrong. Maybe, you will find it in you to reward that hope. To reward that belief.

Until then, know that this is the first day of a new age for me, one where I will begin to seek a new change that I can believe in.

You’re a good man President Obama. You’re a good husband to your wife and a good father to your daughters. One day, I hope to be that good to my own daughters and sons. By Oct 7th, my hope for your presidency may be ashes, but my belief in America will burn forever.

Four months later, Florida won the national championship. And this is how Tebow became a messianic presence at Florida, and this is why, when he emerged into the NFL, with his inaccurate arm and his staunch beliefs and his virginal persona, people presumed 1) this shit couldn’t possibly be real, and 2) this kind of jingoistic absurdity might work in college, but it couldn’t possibly work in the NFL, because the NFL is the real world. And so when Tebow started to win games as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, and then won a playoff game, a raging anger built, and I think at least a small measure of this anger was based on the fact that the NFL is meant to be a reflection of the American workplace, a hard and unforgiving meritocracy that regresses toward the mean, and college football is a reflection of college, a place where we are marooned somewhere between childhood and the real world, a place where enthusiasm and emotion are very real parts of the game itself and are sometimes enough to overcome a flaw in one’s throwing mechanics. And Tim Tebow, who was a marginal NFL talent with a collegiate persona, fit into one paradigm and did not fit into the other.

"The Ballad of Reggie Bush" by Michael Weinreb, for Grantland.

I don’t think I’ve read many pieces that better describe the greatness of college football. It gave me goosebumps.

To distract myself from how utterly awful the world seems right now...

I’m making plans to try playing in a ZombocalypsePunk LARP, either in December or next year, called Dystopia Rising. Right now, I’m looking at playing a “Merican” (jingoistic, loud-mouthed, American mutation) priest of a religion dedicated to music before the fall of technology and civilization.

I don’t have a lot of info, but I know a few things about making stuff work in a primitive setting (how to get certain dye colors, making cosmetics, etc.) I don’t want to be too frilly, seeing as Mericans don’t go in for fancy, but I do see my character as being a tad girly and she does venerate Freddie Mercury as a saint, so a little color, powdered mica and alkanet lip stain might not go awry, as well as the occasional shower and splash of aftershave to “purify herself for the Kings”. And, she needs an epic, but beat-up cowboy hat and boots.

Everything I plan to wear for this needs to be roughed up. Stained with coffee, tea, berries, and rust. Slashed and stitched back up with thread that doesn’t match. Patched and cut apart and sewn back together, rumpled and faded and attacked with sand paper and cheese graters and I might even grab handfuls of good old Virginia mud and roll the stuff in it. I need to look like everyday, I have had to fight zombies, raiders, and drunk best friends, out in the woods and fields. Ideally, I’d love to find a way to make it look like a few things were worn while I was dragged along behind a horse or other running beast.

Essentially, this character is EVERYTHING I am not.

Yes, I get how ironic this coping mechanism is. I actively do not give a damn.

anonymous said:

Here's something I've been thinking that I want to get your opinion on: Strax serves the same purpose as Linx does in the Time Warrior, but this time he represents the upper class/aristocracy. He's shown to be absurdly jingoistic, has an upper class accent, and relishes violence, but is shown to be a hapless buffoon. Does this make any sense?

Except that he’s a butler and a cabbie. 

Episode 85 - Route For The Underdog Podcast


1. Druggy Pizza - I Wanna Eat Until I’m Dead (France www.druggypizza.bandcamp.com)      

2. White Lodge – Trippin’ on the Vanilla Trail (Queensland, Australia www.whitelodgeaus.bandcamp.com)       

3. Bad Viiibes – Captain Krabs (LA, US www.badviiibes.bandcamp.com)     

4. The Gumbo Ya-Ya’s – On My Mind (Cape Town, South Africa www.thegumboya-yas.bandcamp.com)    

5. Dripping Wet – Everything Grows (Denton, US www.drippingwet.bandcamp.com)  

6. Cool Sounds – Safe Flight (Melbourne, Australia www.facebook.com/coolsoundsband)      

7. El General Villamil - Sasha (Guayaquil, Equador www.elgeneralvillamil.bandcamp.com)   

8. Textbook Models – Jingoist Jive (Athens, US www.textbookmodels.bandcamp.com)        

9. The 13th Pillar - Alien (Isle of Man, UK www.the13thpillar.bandcamp.com

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