Wonderful Onesies Livestream round up and thank you!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for tuning in last night - you guys rock! I’m so sorry for the stream going down towards the beginning and end of the evening. We’re aware of what happened, and unfortunately circumstances were out of our control last night. However, things are being fixed now, and Hat Films should be good to go tonight as planned! THE SHOW WILL GO ON!

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone behind the scenes who supported us. I don’t think they get enough recognition, and I just wanna say I am blown away by how hard and efficiently everyone is working this year! So thank you to our audio engineers, Sam, Niall and Adrian, who not only keep the stream going, but keep our spirits up, and take care of all the little details while we’re streaming!

Thank you to to Turps and Bodders who were on call all night, frantically co-ordinating things off site! Thank you to our IT staff for rushing to help us (they were understandably at home, being as it was after office hours!). Thank you to Tom P, who’s been amazing in getting us food, drinks, toothbrushes (seriously guys, brushing your teeth before a long stream is a little slice of heaven), heavy lifting and hugs! Thank you to Veteran Harry and all our chat room mods, who work tirelessly to moderate the chat rooms, spread our donation messages, and generally be awesome!

A massive thank you to Nilesy for jumping in to keep our seats warm last night, and for raising a whopping $15K in 5 minutes! You are too talented, and too kind, sir.

And finally, of course, a big thank you to you guys for watching, for sticking with us through the frustrating bits, and for donating! All in all, we raised around $74,000 last night - which is MINDBLOWING.

A few bits of housekeeping:

  • The Team HaKiMon raffle giveaway is still running, so if you want to be in with a chance to win some awesome gaming stuff, just donate $5 or more, and add ‘#HaKiMon’ to your donation comment! For a chance to win the WatchDogs PS4 DedSec bundle, donate $30 or more! https://www.humblebundle.com/yogscast
  • International people can apply - we are shipping prizes abroad!

  • Team HaKiMon raffle deadline is 6pm GMT tonight, 4 December 2014, when Hat Films start their stream!
  • Winners will be announced in our next stream, which is Wednesday 10 December 2014!

  • We may also have some new prizes to give away that night too…oooo!
  • Given that we never played Five Nights at Freddie’s 2, despite reaching our target, we will make Simon play it next week! We will also have a new target to get him to play PT! We also a couple of other fun plans AND NEW ONESIES!

AND FINALLY, have some lovely gifs from last night, which have made it clear to me that, despite my heartbreak at not being able to hit the $250,000 mark due to technical issues, my work last night was done.





crappy edit again what else is new

2012 is almost over, and it has been an amazing year(or 6 months) and I’ve met so many lovely people on tumblr. 

I haven’t talked to most of you but you’re blogs are perfectand i envy you

these are my Favourite Blogs of 2012

I hope all of you have an amazing Holiday and New Year♥

abc:amermaidpissedinmypants, beaniebrooks, beaufriend, brooklinson, beauspeter, brooksluke, colourfuljanoskians, cuteluke, curllyhead

def: dahyounie, danielsahyonie, domenicsbrooks, elisroths, finnrainbows

ghi: gloriousbrooks

jkl:jacksap, jdomenic, jaibrooksissex, janovoxo, jinglejames, lovelybeau, lukebro-ks, lukesbrooks

mno: melbournekings,merrybrooks,milukunis,mlikzayn, nigga-jai, ofmelbournes, ohhbrooks, ohlukebrooks

pqr: reachforyous, recklessbeau, recklessharries

stu: sassbrooks, seankingstone,seducedbystyles, snowbeau, spacesouffle, stlyesharry,tinseluke

vwxyz: woahbeau, yalladaniel, yammounislut

danisnotonfire, ♥sampepper, ♥ jaibrooksofficial, ♥ lukebrooks, ♥ beaubrooksofficial, ♥ troyesivan, ♥ zoella, ♥ pointlessblogtv, ♥

love you guys (: