When I saw #mosaic artist #JimPower in the #lowereastside the other day I didn’t know it was because he was starting to remove his installations before the city could take them. I don’t think the city is taking them so much as a changing environment is swallowing them up… A sad day for all of those that enjoy the subtleties of #publicart… #mosaicart #mosaictiles #les #nyc #streetart #streetartnyc #artinthestreets #Manhattan

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Jim Power and the Mosaic Trail

"My master plan is to draw the anxiety out of the city with beauty." – Jim Power

For years I’d been discovering seemingly random works of mosaic art around the city. They have always brought a smile to my face and provided momentary relief from the daily stress of living here. I spot a lamppost or staircase decorated with beautifully colored tiles and found objects and a voice in my head says, “yeah, that’s the kinda thing that makes living in NYC cool”. There are also memorial pieces that touch the heart and ground your energy for the day.

According to his website #JimPower (Twitter @ MosaicManNYC) has been beautifying the city with his series “The Mosaic Trail” since 1988 and is currently striving to preserve and expand his contribution to #NYC’s culture. I spotted him here replacing the #FDNY 911 memorial that had been removed during the #AstorPlace reconstruction. His sign says he has enough funds to continue his work until Labor Day. After that…? You can find out more about this remarkable East Village resident and Vietnam vet at mosaicmannyc dot com and how to send any support or donations if you wish. You can also arrange to have your picture placed on one of the mosaics or help him set a few pieces:) He’s on Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Etsy, Facebook, et al.

Good luck Mr. Power and a profound thank you for all those little bits of joy you’ve given me through the years. #mosaicmannyc #streetart #mosaic #nycculture #keepthecoolinnyc #pleasedonate (at Astor Place)