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Be Cool by JIMMYnADI

Yo. Just like, be cool.

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My favorite video of 2012 reminds me that it’s all going to be cool in 2013. 

"Be Cool" a Public Service Announcement by JIMMYnADI, 2012.


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How to beat the darkness.
Tip 1:
Reframe how you see everything.

Darkness, 2012
A Public Service Announcement by JIMMYnADI

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Beneath the Pavement, Beach!

A documentary about Los Angeles by JIMMYnADI


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Darkness, 2012

Written and Directed by Jimmy Marble

Production Design Adi Goodrich

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madly in love with this JIMMYnADI duo. want to see more from them/will jack all of their ideas. ESPECIALLY this making of PSAs. 

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JIMMYnADI do it again, and this time…with a dash of DOLA!


From Rosies, 2013

Photography by Jimmy Marble, Art Direction by Adi Goodrich

I’m really excited to start sharing this series Adi and I made together.  We hadn’t made any personal work together since our PSA Be Cool! It felt so good to be goofing off with her again.  We’ve been making things together for almost four years!  What a world!  

Check out the whole series on my website!

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This is the 2nd video in the JIMMYnADI Public Service Announcement series.  It’s called Darkness.

Featuring A. Dola Baroni, with Alli Baar Baar, Jitsun Sandoval, Erika Paget, Photography by Kelly Moore, “I Hear a New World” by Joe Meek, special thanks to Diva Dompé, Keon Javenshire, Greg Simone, Dave McCabe, and Aaron Wiley.


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This is the third PSA in Adi and my motivational PSA series.  It’s called Be Cool, and it’s hosted by Alina Cutrono.  Alina Cutrono might be the most amazing person in Los Angeles.  I hope you love it!

Photography by Kelly Moore.  With appearances by Forrest Perrine, Julia Galdo, Mallory Wedding, Doug Freedman, Kristine Claghorn, and Andrew Meredith.  ”Magnificat: Suscept” by Claudio Monteverdi.  Special thanks to The Forge.  

2012, JIMMYnAdi

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Be Cool.

Motivational PSA made by me and Adi Goodrich.