for the anon.

the tumblr crushes was in no way accurate considering some of them on there i had never heard of before so i’m just going to post the blogs i seem to reblog the most.

http://aroseforreagan.tumblr.com/ - posts a lot of things i’m interested in. i wouldn’t really say there is a particular thing she posts.

http://dooowop.tumblr.com/ -she posts just about everything. enough to keep you entertained.

http://britt-titts.tumblr.com/ - just stuff i like or find interesting

http://jimmyleehill.tumblr.com/ - he doesn’t have much posted but his art is amazing

http://mimilagro.tumblr.com/ - i love most of what she posts and i like how she will add her own words to it. you really should check this one out. i haven’t had the chance to talk to her but she seems to be very nice when people do talk to her.

http://fxckcancer.tumblr.com/ - just check it out :)

http://littleredf0x.tumblr.com/ - i just seem to like most of what she posts

http://awakenotdreaming.tumblr.com/ - just like the blog

http://thetaste0f-ink.tumblr.com/ - if you like harry potter, girls with tattoos, are obsessed with avenged sevenfold, or just off the wall things then this one is perfect. plus she has decent text posts and talks to about everyone if you’re nice. plus she is my friend so of course i recommend her blog.

http://skills-on-toast.tumblr.com/ - star wars stuff with some walking dead.

http://societys-gates.tumblr.com/ - posts just about everything. mostly photography and art stuff. she is also nice  to talk to even though i talked to her just once or twice.

i feel like i’m forgetting some but i can add more later. my internet is being shitty for some reason.