1. Favourite Slipknot era?
  2. Favourite song/s?
  3. Have you ever seen them live? If so what was your experience like?
  4. If you could spend a day with any band member who would it be and why?
  5. Favourite lyric/s?
  6. When and how did you discover the band? 
  7. A song that means a lot to you?
  8. Favourite album/s?
  9. Out of every mask each member has had which one do you like the best and which one do you like the least?
  10. Favourite Paul Gray photo/s?
  11. Favourite music video?
  12. If you could choose any artist/band to collaborate with Slipknot, who would you choose?
  13. Ever been to Knotfest?
  14. How do you feel about the newest members?
  15. Favourite group picture?
  16. If you could make the world listen to one Slipknot song which one would it be?
  17. Favourite gif?
  18. Do you have any band merch? If so what?
  19. What do your friends/family think of the band?
  20. What’s your dream setlist?
  21. Tag your favourite Slipknot blogs
  22. Name a song that gets you pumped
  23. Favourite Corey Taylor quote?
  24. If you could be any band member for a day who would you be?
  25. Favourite song that’s been performed live?
  26. Use one word to describe Jim’s beard
  27. Any songs that have helped you through tough times?
  28. First impression of the band?
  29. What do you think of the newest album?
  30. Ever heard of the tribute band Knotslip? If so what do you think?
  31. Did you discover any other bands through Slipknot? If so which ones?
  32. You’re feeling angry which song do you put on?
  33. You’re feeling happy which song do you put on?
  34. Have you met any band members?
  35. What song would you love to hear Slipknot cover?
  36. Got any Slipknot related tattoos?
  37. First song you heard?
  38. Vermillion part 1 or Vermillion part 2?
  39. Got any cool pictures you’ve personally taken of the band that you’d like to share?
  40. Your chance to say anything you want about the band

“When Rainn’s on the exercise ball bouncing up and down, and I come over and I stab it with the scissors. In every other take we did, I stabbed it and it just slowly goes down. And the camera angle was that he just slowly ducked behind the thing and it was incredible. On the last take they were like “do one more.” And I remember going over and I went “boom”! And I must have hit the seam or something. And it exploded. He hit the ground as hard as I’ve ever seen a human hit the ground. If you go back and watch that episode, I just dive out because I am crying laughing.” - John Krasinski