Dr. McCoy, are you alright? Bones!

mortemisms asked:

“I just blew you. Could you look a little happier about it?” ( I am so sorry abt this )


       First GLEE and now this — Jim was fairly sure that Dante
       must have had this in mind while writing about the
       seventh circle of hell. Closing his eyes, it took a good portion
       of will to ignore the refuge of post-coital bliss and stay
       in-character, channel Jim from IT, the closeted gay.
       Well, at least there was hope that Sherlock would tip her off soon
       enough and end this farce, should everything go according to plan.

       Et voila — a smile.

                                      “Ah, sorry. Sorry, Molls. See? I,—

       Leaning in to kiss her - briefly, quickly - Jim from IT,
       her Jim, was back.

                   “Warned you. Work’s been… hardly bearable this week.

                                                I’m really sorry.”