why u should love vmin right now immediately

- taehyung threatening to draw nips on jimins hip hop doll if he didnt come back to the dorm
- jimin photoshopping+beating up taes pic in revenge
- taehyung taking a pic of jimin in the bath
- taehyung taking a pic of jimin sleeping. . shirtless
- their endless selfies together
like oh my god do they ever stop
- jimin being touched by taehyungs voice
- WAR OF VMIN ERA where jimin was literally one ass slap away from slam dunking taehyung off the edge of the stage in every performance
this gifset and this gifset
- alice made this giant vmin post that tells everyone perfectly why they should ship vmin and its a religious experience please go through it
- that one time in an interview both of them said that if they needed to talk to someone in the group abt something that makes them upset, itd be one another
- the fact that they trust and find comfort in one another so much even when things inevitably get so tough for them, and how their relationship is actually so, so much deeper than just ‘silly 95 line bros!!!’
- "and all this fame must be so shocking to them bc it happened so fast and they still remember when they were chubby cheeked kids barely out of their trainee period and already knowing theyre going to be debuting with 6 other boys they barely knew but now theyre performing on stages together in front of thousands of people and theyre still just as ridiculous as they were when they first met

'let's keep going for a long time, i only have you' , 'let's keep going for the rest of our lives' , and 'let's not forget this night view jimin-ah'