BTS’s comeback trailer 花样年华/화양연화 means ‘the age of blossoms’ or ‘the flowery years’, a very ephemeral concept to describe the years in one’s youth, alike to blossoming flowers, pretty, yet not everlasting. If you break it down, 花/화: flower, 樣/양: appearance, 年/연: year, 華/화: blooming. In the song, Yoongi is expressing his life as fleeting, subtlety, yearning and lasting, how terrifying he was as a ‘seed’, all clean and grand, yet also desolate, and how the time in his life is blooming like flowers, and that his most beautiful and happiest moments in his life is right now,

punkin-angeljones asked:

Can you please make a gif of Wiz Khalifa's face when he was playing Catchphrase with Jim Parsons and Miles Teller, and he didn't know Taylor Swift's Shake it Off?

Hey, punkin-angeljones

Not only do we have a GIF of that great moment: 

We have TWO! 

Here’s the crazy game of Catchphrase in all of its glory! 

We’ve all been in Wiz’s position when playing catchphrase! You get a clue you don’t know and it’s like…

Have a great weekend, pal! - Noah

Oh my god there are some things that were taken way too far and I need to clarify certain things

  1. “I’d rather die than live without passion” is NOT Jungkook’s quote. It is Jungkook’s motto, there’s a difference. I think it is Kurt Cobain’s quote but I might be wrong
  2. That Jimin dick slip thingy was NOT actually a dick slip. If you payed attention during the whole video you will see that he was wearing  underwear. They put that bomb image thingy to cover his crotch/underwear.  ((Yes I looked at his crotch the entire time just to see if he was actually wearing underwear lol))
  3. This is NOT Jin, it’s actually Monsta X’s Hyungwon. Here are other pictures from that day.

Now can y’all chill and stop spreading false information? Thank you.