But will it be the last we see of the arch-villain? “Well, it’s very hard to put a lid on Andrew Scott…” teases the series co-creator

queeriarty asked:

headcanon that Seb keeps a tiny can of spray paint with him at all times for such occasions and Jim just stands by, patient and amused


An incomplete list of things we know are canon in Sherlock, feel free to add on!

•Sherlock is horrible at Clue

•Mycroft and Sherlock regularly play Operation

•Sherlock clearly likes board games

•Moriarty plans things specifically for ultimate dramatic effect

•Plants defy gravity

•Sherlock is really irritated by mustaches

•Sherlock drugs John’s tea and coffee for experiments

•Mrs Hudson ships Johnlock

•Moriarty kinda wants a “friend/pet”

•Moriarty also talks to dead things, maybe not a skull like Sherlock does but he said “I should get myself a living one”. ‘One’ meaning ‘human’.

•Mary likes cats

•Anderson will always believe in Sherlock Holmes

•Sherlock owns over 7 laptops and yet he still steals John’s

•Lestrade smokes in underground parking buildings

•John is getting tired of telling Mrs Hudson he’s not gay

•Sherlock wanted to be a pirate

•The Holmes’ father hums a lot

•Mary is exceptional at aiming a gun

•Sherlock isn’t afraid to throw people out of windows for Mrs Hudson

•Mrs Hudson’s bins were crushed when Sherlock threw a person out a window

•Moriarty is still chained up somewhere in Sherlock’s mind palace

•Sherlock decided “Shezza” would be a good cover name

•Mycroft doesn’t think much of goldfish

•Moriarty thinks that blowing a raspberry in the air will send a text faster and with more taunt

•”Rich Brook” stole John’s shirt from their flat just because

•Sherlock has sprayed paint in someone’s face during a fight twice

•Sherlock turns his coat collar up to look cool

Teen Sheriarty

Jim is Grey-Ace and knows all about Asexuality and all that.

Sherlock is aware of how peopel feel sexual attraction and everyone getting into relationships and having sex (so like sixth form age i guess) but he doesn’t feel it himself and thinks there’s something wrong with him.

Him and Jim becoming rivals for the best grade in everything, etc, and constantly competing. They get into an argument where they try to prove that they know more about the other just by looking at them and Jim says “You think you’re broken.” 

And that leads to Sherlock learning about Asexuality.