Well, sometimes short and sweet is the right way to go…  This is the last picture from this collaboration for the website.  Those of you with a MIMP APP subscription can see the 150+ images from Amanda’s shoot with Jillian…  And, one last sweet quote from the woman herself: 

I think it’s easy to become apologetic in this industry because it’s so overwhelming, but I’m glad I’m finally growing out of that. I love acting, I love film, and I love theatre, and I’m tired of apologizing for it. It’s an art form, and if you take yourself seriously in it- others will, too. And the more I surround myself with people that love whatever they do, whether it be photography, comedy, fashion, etc, I see that the ones that are successful are the ones that educate themselves about their craft and really dive into it. It’s like Lady Gaga said (I know I know, bear with me,) about how your career will never wake up in the morning and leave you. Find what you love to do and really dive into it, and cool things will happen. Don’t underestimate yourself. Life’s too short.”  -Jillian

As part of a collaboration, Amanda Jas shoots Jillian for Me In My Place

See the entire set of images here… images you won’t see anywhere else.