u know what i dont get
hating on ppl who take selfies
like what the fuck man do u know how gr8 selfies are
if ur posting a selfie
it means you and you alone decided “hey this pic of me looks rad im cute as heck this is how i want other people to see me”
and if thats not empowering for self image i dont know what is
so do yourself a favor
and stop antagonizing selfie culture
if u see someone taking a selfie in the bathroom
dont laugh at them
they feel good about how they look today
and sometimes thats hard for people
let people take their fucking selfies in peace
take pictures of yourself!!!! take one or take one hundred. keep taking them until u find one that makes u think “hey, im pretty cute”
send em to ur friends! post em on the internet! let everyone know “i feel cute and i look cute today!”
and if u can share your selfies
feel proud!!! it takes a lot of courage and self confidence to share pictures of yourself with anyone
take selfies. i promise u’ll be happier


happy trans day of visibility pals! left side was taken when i still IDed as cisfemale, and then i shaved my head and something discovered snapbacks and well…
obviously, appearances and presentation aren’t what make someone’s gender identity valid, but for me, cutting off my hair and not hiding behind thick blunt bangs really changed a lot in me. i still wear lipstick almost every day. i still put on more makeup than your average party clown, but there’s nothing in my mind that makes me doubt that damn, i make one pretty boy. 

i would start this off by saying “ok ill stop spamming trans day of visibility posts” but thats kinda bullshit bc it shouldnt be spam i literally dont care if you think its annoying if you think its annoying youre an actually jackass!!!!

last tdov is a selfie of me n my boyfriend tortillapunx and i swear to you we are the strongest transgay couple to walk this earth

long nights of conversations about [redacted transboy issue] and why [redacted transboy issue] is all fucked up and working through it slowly piece by piece lmao what a big queer adventure

shoutouts to mari for dating the spiritual manifestation of haruka nanase and being ok with having blue lipstick marks on everything they own.


I got tagged by tamamoriichan for the 6 Photos of You Challenge! I think the rules are you find 6 photos of you that make you feel good about yrself? I apologize that half of these are selfies but yeah!!! This was fun, it’s good to feel good about yrself every once in a while 
i think im supposed to tag 6 people soooo
tortillapunx, chubby-punx, shut-up-its-fucking-red, xmorticiansdaughterx, barriersurge, and spookybiscuit! y'all are cute as shit so i bet it’ll be hard to pick just 6! 

So since TWEWY site came up I thought I’d upload this for the fandom because hey let’s take part in a fandom again!

Last year, back in january I made a Rhyme Cosplay. I can’t wait to wear it again. I’ll probably use a different wig, since this one is really uncomfortable, and a little too blond and short. It likes to clump together a lot. I also want to get real overalls. Like real white overalls. But I’ll wear it again soon I promise yo. 


Ok but let’s talk about this for like 6 seconds 
somehow this costume still fits me after like 5 years and damn puberty did me heLLA GOOD. 
The first one is from Fanime 2009 and was like first convention EVER and also my first time cosplaying. and the second one is from like 10 minutes ago. 
I guess we all start somewhere. 
So like I should cosplay from OHSHC again because I have homosexual tendencies and way too much time on my hands,and that’s all you need to be to be a part of the OHSHC.