273pounds said: Once it’s all backed up, you need to go all “Office Space” on the old one. I need/want to do that one day.

I have an old desktop that I can probably do that to ;) This laptop, the kids will probably use if it keeps turning on. It is still a decent enough laptop, but just not reliable for my work anymore.

snapthistiger said: Amazon also offers some free “cloud” storage space..

I also found SkyDrive which offers about 7GB of free space. Honestly, I just never looked at my options before. Good to know there is some free stuff out there! ;) 

saturdaymorningdarkness said: I’d give anything for ONE computer to work in my house. I’m getting tired of the limitations of an iPhone but oh well :)

I know what you mean. I would probably go nuts with just a phone. But, I guess at least you have that! ;)

jigartronic said: If you send an invite link to someone and they open a free account you get 500mb added. I’m up to 10gb on my free account!

Well, too bad I already created my account. I could have gotten you some more space! Good to know for the future though.


A few more pictures from the weekend. We finished off Sunday with The Wild Feathers, Purity Ring, and The Avett Brothers, followed by a 3 hour drive home. Monday is already hurting, but the lack of sleep is so worth it.

Forecastle Fest was incredible — there’s really nothing better than sharing your love of music in a laid back fashion with thousands of other people who feel the same way. I will definitely be back next year. 


Let me tell you about my weekend. 

A few months ago, this girl sent me an email with a flight itinerary for a January visit to Nashville. 

It was awesome, yet cruel, because January was SO FAR AWAY. 

But the weekend finally came, and sadly flew by way too fast. You know you’ve found good friends when there is no pressure to do anything or be anything different. You just are.

Friday night, we ventured over to the Flying Saucer, one of my favorite pubs downtown. Chances are if you visit me, I will take you here. My roommate and another friend joined us, and I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so much in my life. (There was no drinking of cheese, despite what the pictures may show)! After dinner and drinks, we walked further downtown to Broadway. I expelled some fond (hilarious) memories as we passed some bars that I frequent (debaucherous times involving these friends) and she didn’t even judge me a little.

Then the best part of the night was when we happened upon a giant Reese’s cup that we shared (we seriously ate it like a sandwich) and hung out for a bit at Mike’s Ice Cream Shop. Saturday and Sunday we shopped, walked, coffee’d, explored Nashville, and ate the best mexican food EVER. Maybe the best part, though, was being able to share what we had in common most-running, ups and downs, offering advice, and just plain talking. Too much to put into words. As much as I love going to visit people, I absolutely LOVE when people come visit me. Thanks for a great weekend, Jess!

These visits always remind of me this post that Jonathan wrote last April. Hugs all around!



Operation: invade Louisville was a success. My partner-in-crime and I thought it would be fun to spend a weekend exploring a different city seeing what it had to offer, so I called up my Kentuckian and we had our own little WOD* there. Our main goal was to check out a lot of local places and have a good time. I’d say we had no problem doing so.

Friday night, we got in and immediately headed to dinner at Patrick O’Shea’s (BEER CHEESE.) and then checked out Fourth Street Live. It was…interesting and cougar-filled, but we definitely made a night out of it.

Saturday, breakfast was at Toast on Market, which is one of my all-time favorite restaurants I’ve ever been to. After going post-race the year before last, we knew we had to re-visit. We also visited the Muhammad Ali Center, which was surprisingly really interesting even if you’re not the biggest boxing fan (read: me) but the exhibit was huge and filled with tons of history. We ate an ‘eh’ dinner at The Troll Pub Under the Bridge, kind of disappointing since the place was really cool. Before being threatened by hypothermia and heading back, we stopped by Quills Coffee, which had a cute little record store in the back and a neat atmosphere. 

The taxi cab rides. Oh my. I want to say ‘Only in Kentucky,’ but I know that’s probably not true. Those drivers were something else. Be careful what you wish for when you ask, “So what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen” to your driver. Also—if your driveway is a steep incline and it is icy, you will go sledding down it into the street. Maybe more than once. 

On Saturday night, we decided to do the Bambi Walk, recommended by Shortmom. Thanks to Four Square I now know we made it to: The Back Door, Holy Grale (REALLY cool bar in an old Unitarian Church, but so tiny!), Highlands Tap Room Grill (Great music! I LOVE live bluegrass. This is where my grumpy cat picture was taken. For reasons), Cahoots (Sketchy. This is where I really started to hate Smitty. For more, similar reasons), Flanagan’s Ale House, Molly Malone’s, Phoenix Hill Tavern (80’s hair band, anyone? I really just did not understand this place. The main bar led you into another bar, which led you to another bar, and so on. Smitty said, “I’m going to go explore” and didn’t come back for a long time. Then we figured out why). 

Sunday brunch was at Dish on Market. The food was good despite the slow service and mix up of orders. After that, we parted ways and headed home. And then some Mexican fell into my face. The end.

Abbas came over and made some authentic Pakistani grub! Aaloo parathas and cilantro chutney. Instead of filling one with the potato mixture, we put PEANUT BUTTER in one and it was sort of awesome. There are definitely some experiments to be had in the future. 

There was also a yogurt incident, be we won’t talk about that.


I title this: a tale of two nights, one weekend.

Yep, it’s actually comedic how easy it is to go from extraordinarily classy to hey y’all I reckon I’ll put on some jorts and pop me open a PBR in just 24 hours, but fear not! For we succeeded.

I’m only posting these because somebody requested them, but has been withholding pictures from me for a long time, therefore I am not responsible for any embarrassment that may ensue.

Friday night we celebrated another friend’s birthday, swanky attire required. Dinner at my favorite hibachi spot, and drinks at fancy Cabana. Our friend really wanted to do it up BIG, and so he spotted everyone a $500 bar tab. Of course, on the night where drinks are free and plenty, I foolishly planned my long run for early the next day. But I did have one delish Dos Perros and enjoyed the night while my friends got silly.

Saturday night was a good old fashioned jorts party for Abbas who is moving (currently), complete with mullets, flashlight tag, and a homemade citizenship test. Never had a jorts party? Get. On. That. 

So here you are, folks. My life: all encompassing of every style imaginable.


This is almost unfair to ask, but if I’m going practical at it:

  • For sustenance purposes, probably Brenna, so she could feed me homemade PB cups and ensure that I won’t starve.
  • For entertainment purposes, it would be a toss up between my bizzlesaurusrex, because obviously, my fave brit who’s full of sarcasm, and my IRL bearded PIC for funsies.
  • For exercise (because this is a fitness blog, yes?), RR purely for dance videos. That’s a workout, right?

Scenes from the weekend.

Saturday: post-hockey game birthday celebration for friend, complete with bear costume in a bar and much too awesome dancing. HOLY SORE LEGS. Talk about good cross-training! Did you know you can burn 500-600 calories an hour dancing? I think that probably rounds off the couple of miles that I didn’t finish earlier that day. 

Sunday: swing dancing at the Farmer’s Market, trying weird international food, coffee date at Portland Brew East. My friend ordered the “Honey Child,” and if you knew him, you’d know that drink suits him pretty well. He was too excited about the child tears. Authentic Pakistani dinner made by this guy - it was delish! I can’t remember what it was called, but I’d hit that again. Full bellies followed by a scary movie, Sinister, which actually was not bad. Aside from the grips of terror and jumpiness from my friend. 

Another good weekend in the books.

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Hydration nudge my friend just sent me.