Last day

On day 6 we were permitted to sleep in; of course I still woke up at 4am!

The day was a non-golf day. After breakfast we headed South again to the Noboribetsu Date (pronounced D-a-t-eh) Jidaimura theme park. The park  highlights the Edo Period, one of the most attractive era in Japanese history and isn’t named after the fast food restaurants we see in the West Edmonton mall!


The rain was bit of a concern for us and we weren’t entirely sure what the park was about (no communication with organizers). But, we were presently surprised that the park was like an interactive history museum. Inside the little huts were games with Samurai throwing stars, archery, blow darts and so the kids really liked this (perfect for the torrential rain outside). 


We then watched a well choreographed Ninja show on a main stage indoors again which was followed up by lunch were we made a ‘hot pot’ with broth, mushrooms, pork sliced like bacon, bean sprouts, cabbage and Ramen noodles.


"would you like tea Matt?" It is customary for your neighbor to fill your glass - you are not supposed to served yourself.

The green stuff is like a celery leaf but without the celery flavor.



It really rained!

Following lunch we headed to an indoor mall due to the heavy rain.  We had another tour planned for an outdoor venue but it was just raining way too hard.

Following a stint at the mall which was very westernized, we had a farewell banquet at the hotel where all the golfers and delegates received gifts as is customary. Speeches were given and not too many tears were shed.  The Japanese are very formal and so we had to follow strict protocol when handling ourselves. A good experience for all involved - especially the kids.

We all had to head to our rooms and try to pack all the gifts we had received and get ready for an 4am wake up to get on the bus to head to the airport.B’fast in a box again!

My next posts will be more just musings and candid photos.