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Jensen Ackles singing Carry On My Wayward Son!

Jibcon 2013 closing ceremony

Tadaaa, this is my beautiful, beautiful Jensen photo OP. Can I just say how happy I am with this. <3

I told Jensen if he knows that look that Dean always gets whenever somebody touches him affectionately, like how he kinda leans into it and looks all starved for it. Jensen immediately said “sure, like that” an that was it.

Not sure how I survived that photo OP.


Apologies for the blurred pics here - but I was finding it very difficult to hold the camera still during this moment.

Top photo - Jensen throws down the gauntlet, Ty has to make him laugh within 15 seconds & if he doesn’t he has to be in bed by 10pm. If he laughs then he’s keeping him up all night.

Second Photo - Brock starts timing and Ty begins with an aborted handspring which mutates into crawling through Jensen’s legs.

Third Photo - Still nothing from Jensen Ty begins what can only be described as some weird yoga like molestation of Jensen’s lower body which then escalates…

Fourth and Fifth photo - to where he just full on starts humping Jensen’s leg. TY IS ON THE FLOOR HUMPING JENSEN ACKLES’ LEG PEOPLE.

Still nothing. Jensen even looks bored. So finally with three seconds to go Ty stands up and just gives Jensen a look.

Sixth Photo - Jensen BREAKS!

Seventh and Eighth photo - The Aftermath Of Ty Olsson Breaking Jensen Ackles into laughter.