女書 (Nüshu, literally “women’s writing”) is a writing system that was created in secrecy and used exclusively by women in the remote Jiangyong county of Hunan province. Passed down from generation to generation, Nüshu allowed the women to express themselves and was the only means of communicating with other women of their social group. It is not known when or how Nüshu originated but it is based on the standard Chinese script. It reached its peak during the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and fell into decline during the second half of the 20th century when younger girls and women stopped learning Nüshu due to greater literacy and educational access. Yang Huangy, the last of the original writer of this script died in 2004, but efforts have been made by the Chinese government to preserve the endangered script and set up programs to teach younger women.

Nüshu is phonetic, unlike the standard written Chinese. Each of its approximately 600-700 characters represents a syllable and are an italic variant form of Chinese characters, with some modified to better fit embroidery patterns. As in traditional Chinese writing, the script is written from top to bottom, and when horizontal, from right to left. A large number of Nüshu works took form as songs, cloth-bound booklets created by 結拜姊妹 (“sworn sisters”) and mothers, and given to their counterparts upon marriage, poems and lyrics. These would be handwoven into belts and straps or embroidered onto clothing.

Sources: World of Nushu, Cultural China


Visited the home of 女书 (Women’s Language) in 江永 (Jiangyong) with some of my students over the long weekend. This incredible script was said to be invented by one of the then Emperor’s concubines many decades ago, as a way to communicate without letting men know. You can see how the script was derived from traditional Chinese characters in the picture above. 

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The evening of 20 February, Yongzhou Jiangyong County,http://rzroom.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=22515,Modelli Hogan Donna Olympia Pelliccia Blu,http://www.ym0825.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=297861, a motorcycle overtaking was knocked down when the pickup truck. This accident this is not serious,mulberry concertina purse when is mulberry sale, but the owner Hemou accident “that injured died”, he drove to escape, then the pickup truck buried in the mountains near our home. When the police found a Hemou after, he surrendered to the public security organs, this time he also lied drove to Guangxi. February 23, Hemou only tell the truth.

Yesterday, police said Jiangyong county traffic police brigade, if Hemou not escape and destroy evidence, just bear secondary responsibility for the accident. Currently being injured injury identification,http://www.dzbrgc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=283183, “if it constitutes serious injury, accident vehicle owners will have to bear criminal responsibility.” This reporter Zhang Xiang correspondent reported Huanghai Yong State

Suspects the police say, “You made a mistake.”

At 21:00 on February 20th and more, in the town of Tiger allowed Jiangyong County foothills road traffic accident occurred, a motorcycle tried to overtake the front of a pickup truck,http://www.haokc.com/space/space.php?uid=842049&do=blog&id=1974100, the result was hit by the pickup truck, motorcycle owners fell to the ground unable to move, pickup owners disappeared people.

Receiving the alarm, Jiangyong county traffic police brigade rushed to the scene, the injured taken to hospital in a motorcycle main dish,mulberry factory somerset mulberry vouchers, its left leg and right arm were injured when knocked unconscious, did not see the perpetrators. Police at the scene found the car accident left bumper and Isuzu Motors logo.

Police began investigating the incident in line with the characteristics of the pickup truck, and find clues by monitoring the route. Soon found 43-year-old suspect Hemou, but each time the police summoned Hemou, Hedou Jian said,mulberry second hand mulberry small clipper, “You made a mistake, I do not have such a pickup truck.”

In fact, after the police visited the surrounding residents, have basically decided HeMou have a pickup truck, but no evidence to prove that the accident was his owners. The evening of February 22, under the persuasion of friends and relatives, Hemou to the traffic police brigade surrendered.

Toss a night car accident buried

Hemou surrendered after the police asked the whereabouts of his pickup truck, Hemou said: “I drove to the road Guangxi Bucheon County wheat ridge slope and Ge junction of the two towns, the key is inserted in the car one night I walked back. jiangyong. “Police said the night went to his pickup truck to find the location, but found nothing.

After several inquiries, Hemou finally admitted that he put the pickup truck buried in Red Hill Town elimination from their homes near the mountain. February 23 at 8 am, Hemou with police into the mountains,http://yunnanlyw.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=455000, with a digging machine to a crushed pickup truck dug out.

Mou said that after the accident, he thought motorcycle owners had died,mulberry antony messenger mulberrybags, I was very scared,mulberry fruits mulberry large bag, drove to escape. After returning home, he rented a car to tens of kilometers away on a construction site, he and a partner bought the digging machine off,mulberry friendship bracelet mulberry edie, dug a pit in the mountains, planted after the pickup truck, and another digging machine The pit filled, pressing,is the mulberry outlet store genuine mulberry sale purses, trying to destroy evidence. Subsequently, he spent more than one hour to drive back the site digging machine.

Toss it goes all night,mulberry style bag mulberry phoebe bag, the next day,http://www.88822.com/#03666/read.php?tid=980, Hemou go to the site to work as usual, buy digging machines have no knowledge partner.

If the victim is injured,http://www.doc8.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=1741795817,mulberry hobo mulberry long purse, the perpetrators will bear criminal responsibility

According Hemou confessed that he was “afraid to come to the families of the injured,mulberry bag bayswater mulberry clipper, more afraid of the public security organs to track down” until surrendered He also tried to evade responsibility, then lied to police said the pickup truck was thrown in Guangxi up.

After things ascertained, Hemou know Zhefan toss worthless. “The reason is that motorcycle accident want to overtake, Hemou only secondary responsibility.” Police said, “fix pickup truck had also just less than 2,000 dollars.” But He Mouzhao afterwards choose to escape, and attempt to destroy evidence, “the most serious As a result of administrative detention on the 15th,how to clean mulberry bag mulberry york, temporarily driving license. “police said.

Yesterday, police told reporters that the injured are receiving a disc injury identification, “because he found the neck can not move freely, if the identification results is injured,http://www.52huzhu.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=1048816, Hemou should bear criminal responsibility.” The case is still under investigation.

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