Detention: Dino-Style

Alright, so you both know why you’re here.

And I know I’m usually more of a ‘sit down, be quiet, and think about what you did' detention-giver, but considering there are things at the school that actually do need to get done today, well… 

*spreads her hands, displaying the garden where a small dinosaur hisses and runs across the space to hide.*

Welcome to your new responsibility for however long it takes you.  That’s right - there’s no time limit to this detention.  However long it takes you, however short it takes you, you don’t leave ‘til you’re done.  Could be five minutes, could be an hour or two.  Here’s what’s up: Remember that trip you all took to the Savage Land? Yeah, there were a few guests that came back with you.  And now they’re making Krakoa’s life Hell.  And, of course, that’s where you come in.  Wrangle those dinosaurs and let’s get this fixed.  Any questions?

Guest Lecturing

*checking his notes he’d prepared ahead of time, Bruce glances up at the blackboard at the head of the room, and begins writing with a small piece of chalk. He pauses half way through his name to look out over the class.*

Hello, everyone. I’m Doctor Banner *turns back to the blackboard and finishes writing out his name in his most legible handwriting* and we’re going to be covering some really fascinating subjects today.

Now, I know that you all here have a stellar curriculum and Doctor McCoy’s instruction—*checks his notes and does a slight double take* okay, wow, that’s a fantastic hands on lesson—but, uh, anyway, we will be covering some ground that you haven’t yet today, mainly in the understanding of radiation.


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Nationality: Asian 
Country: Germany 
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Gourde double à décor de chauve-souris et papillon

Collection Ernest Grandidier
règne de Jiajing (1522-1566)
Chine du Sud fours de Jingdezhen

(C) Musée Guimet, Paris, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Martine Beck-Coppola

Section Chine du musée Guimet

Operacje militarne powinny być przede wszystkim spokojne. W spokoju siła ludzi jest pełna; nawet jeśli skrzyżują miecze piechota nie ustąpi, rydwany nie uciekną; nie złamią szeregów w pościgu za wrogiem, a więc nie stracą porządku. Stabilność operacji militarnych leży w nietraceniu porządku, zachowywaniu sił ludzi i zwierząt oraz w przestrzeganiu instrukcji w kwestiach zachowania tempa.

The Warrior Code of the Cavaliers

Cytat z: Ways of Warriors, Codes of Kings, Lessons in Leadership from the Chinese Classics, trans. Thomas Clearly

Obraz: Elitarna Chińska Gwardia Cesarza Jiajing (1522-1567)

Gateway of Striking Golden Bell and Beating Jade
It is the starting point to enter the Confucius Temple and it was built in Ming Emperor Jiajing’s year. It is a three-room, four-pillar stone gateway, with inscriptions of four Chinese character “Jin Shan Yu Zhen”. Mencius said:” Confucius preaches culmination of all saints, which is compared to striking the gold and beating the jade.” Confucius succeeded all good thoughts of his predecessors, which is very much like starting by striking the golden bells and ending by beating jade instruments and reaching a culmination of various music.

sertanejeir-o said:

jiajçfaejfçaeçjfae as formigas vao comer bem pqp aidãfej~fae

ah, vão? kdlsjkdjsk ei amor, to indo dormir, ta? depois a gente se fala, vem aqui mais vezes p a gnt trocar umas ideias, b noite ❤️