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Could u write the teeniest tiniest blurb abouT how luke acts when u undress for him before frickle fracklinG OMG DNDND

Aight aight so

You’ve come to Luke’s place because he suggested having a movie night but both of you knew what the plan actually was. You decided to bring sodas and sweets anyway because you knew Luke would get cuddly and bored after sex and the movie night actually would happen, with him falling asleep completely spread all over you so you at least wanted to have something to snack on.

Anyway, Luke put on the most boring movie out of the ones you’ve brought over since that was the one that wasn’t going to be actually watched, it was just for the atmosphere. You opened a bag of chips and started snacking on it.

Only 10 minutes into the movie and Luke already put your leg over his thighs, kissing you all over your neck.

You grabbed the bag of chips and threw it onto the dining room table as you switched yourself, settling on Luke’s lap, your palms on his chest. Luke, a bit confused that you gave up on the movie so easily, looked at you and put his palms on your hips. He smirked, making it impossible for you to just sit there not doing anything so you grabbed his face and kissed him deeply, putting one arm behind his neck and the other in his hair. Luke bit your lip softly as your breathing hitched, Luke’s hand sneaking behind your back and turning you both around as he layed you on the couch. Luke hovered over you making sure your lips don’t disconnect as you grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head. Luke then tried to take your shirt off but you stopped him.

“Wait.” You put your palm in front of him in a stopping manner, making Luke let go of your shirt and look at you with a confused expression on his face, blush heating his cheeks and his hair sticking out in all directions.

“What’s wrong baby?” He asked raspily, raising his eyebrows in concern.

“I have something for you.” You smirk and stand up from the couch, adjusting your hair a bit, trying to make it messily hot.

“What?” Luke stayed in the position you left him and put a pillow in his lap, probably thinking you don’t want to have sex so he tried to hide his bulge.

You quickly jog to the laptop that you had turned on once you arrived and put on a perfect song. There were songs you’ve been collecting over 5 hours just so you could make a perfect playlist for this very moment.

A slow, sexy song started playing and you slowly walked back in front of the couch, rocking your hips left and right with the rhythm. Luke was blankly staring at you, his posture stiffed and shock on his face clearly visible.

“Are you-” he started but couldn’t finish the sentence because you tugged your oversized shirt upwards, revealing your braless chest.

“You’re not wearing a bra?” Luke whispered through gritted teeth, something he’d always do when he was turned on. You smiled slightly, proud that your idea of this was working.

“That’s not the only thing I’m not wearing.” You grinned, Luke’s eyes immediately switching to your thighs and butt, that you were nicely shaking back and forth by the way.

The hem of your shirt fell back down and covered your stomach fully, leaving you all dressed up in front of Luke, swinging your hips and closing your eyes, enjoying the slow and seducing music. When you opened your eyes, you saw Luke biting his lip really hard, his teeth leaving a red mark once he let go.

“You’re such a tease.” Luke said with his voice low. You could tell he was getting frustrated by your sexy dance, the good frustrated though, so you finally grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head. You threw the shirt over the screen of the laptop, neither of you caring where it had actually landed.

Luke’s eyes were focused on your breasts, his bottom lip slightly swollen from all the biting he was doing to it.

You hovered your hands over your stomach and thighs, pulling the hem of your pants the slightest bit downwards, still not revealing anything, which only made Luke more desperate. You turned around and shook your booty a bit, knowing it was Luke’s weakness. Then you turned back towards him and grinned, starting to rock your hips faster.

“Jesus, baby, stop doing this to me.” Luke clenched his eyes and you noticed he had already unzipped the zipper on his pants, his bulge very clearly visible to you.

“So do I have to take these off by myself or will you help me?” You bit your lip and pointed to your pants, and before you even finished the sentence, Luke was on his feet, taking you into his arms and carrying you into the bedroom. You’ve never been undressed quicker than that evening, and Luke made sure he proved how turned on you had made him.


Beck is here!! (Please excuse my crappy phone pictures, I was excited) I actually managed to put him together without incident, whew. I ended up using the short tail, and haven’t tried the horn and antlers yet since I have to glue the head magnets in. He stands amazingly solid. ^^ The tan is lighter than I expected, but not quite as light as it looks in these pictures (shown with DZ normal pink for comparison.) He also came with a fur wig and purple eyes, not sure if they were a free gift or event thing but it was a nice surprise!

Also, bonus pic in sebastian’s butler jacket that I had lying around, because.

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Who out of the boys do you think would get turned on when you'd come to bed ready to sleep in just your underwear?


I feel like you’d just have a shower and put on your panties and tank top, throw yourself on the bed ready to sleep and Luke would want to spoon you but he’d notice your almost bare butt is colliding with his crotch and you’d just feel him grow and Luke would put his face in the crook between your shoulder and your neck and you’d be like ‘luke’ and you’d squirm further away from him to let him know you realized what’s going on and he would be like ‘but babe please, you know i cant resist your butt’ and hed squirm back towards you, connecting your butt with his crotch again and he’d put his arms around you and turn you around so you’d be laying on his chest with your legs upwards, laughing and he’d release you so you could turn around and you’d switch so you’re now sitting on him and you see luke biting his lip all ready to go and his eyes are basically begging and you can’t resist the view so you decide to give in and help his little (big lol) situation down there