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No distance is too long - Chapter 2

Chapter 1


“What does that mean, you won’t go to Paris with me?!” I immediately regret screaming so loud as I see Emma’s face shrinking. I try to lay my hand on her shoulder but she pushes me away.

“Sorry, it’s just, I thought it might be good for our relationship, you know?” I say way more quiet. Our eyes meet and my stomach starts to tingle.

“Josh, it’s my job. I may be promoted soon. I can’t afford taking a week off right now.”, she avoids my eyes, staring at the ground. Even in her sleepwear and with messy hair she looks beautiful, as always.

“So your job is more important to you as our relationship?” I say pitifully, looking into her eyes.

“Absolutely not!” now she’s the one who screams. Driver is sitting next to my feet and wags his tail. He looks at me sadly, as if he knows what’s going on.

“Then why do you want to stay here?!” my voice gets louder again and I remember the things I thought about last night. We should finally stop screaming at each other.
“Why do you want to take me with you to Paris?! That’s the question!” she points to my suitcase and my eyes follow her finger. “Can’t we just go to, I don’t know, San Francisco? Why does it have to be Europe?”

My role as Peeta Mellark in Mockingjay is very important right now and it’s coming to an end. But that’s not the only reason.

“It might help to build up our relationship, Emma. We both know that it is problematic at the moment. Paris is awesome and so beautiful! We could spend the week in a nice hotel where we’ll have time just for us, you know?” I put my hands on her waist and slowly come closer to her body. I want to kiss her as she turns her head to the left. “Josh, no. You don’t understand. My job is really important to me and I just want to get this promotion. I’ve dreamed of this a long time, you should go there alone so I can concentrate on my work. And when you come back everything will get better, I promise.”.

Is she serious? She really thinks it might help when I’ll spend a week in Paris alone?
“Well okay! As you wish. Have fun with your fucking ‘more-important-than-Josh’ work! See ya!”.

I take my suitcase and my jacket while I run out and slam the door behind me. I am furious at myself and at Emma.

What have I done? I lean against the door and glide down slowly until I’m sitting on the floor. “Well done, Josh” I whisper to myself. I put my face in my hands. Now I will spend this week alone in a hotel room, thinking about Emma and how angry she is.

But she wouldn’t have done it anyways. She would have stayed at home even if we hadn’t argued now.

Maybe it’s better. Maybe it’s better that I’ll go alone now, without her. I know for sure that I will miss her terribly but maybe she is right and it helps both of us to be alone for one week.
I stand up and get my stuff together. “Let’s go to Paris” I sigh.

It’s already 6:32. I hope the driver is still there waiting for me. The ride to the airport takes about 30 minutes. Relieved I see the black car still waiting for me. The driver doesn’t even say hello when he takes my stuff and puts it into the trunk. I open the door and jump into the car. I just need to get away from here as soon as possible.

The driver starts the motor and we start making our way to the airport. We are lucky because today isn’t so much traffic so we can drive faster than allowed and no one is getting in the way.
When I look out of the window, I immediately need to think of Emma. Is she still angry? Or is she sad? Does she cry because I left without saying that I love her?

“Oh my god!” I practicaly scream as the realization hits me that I didn’t say I love you to Emma when I left; I swore myself to always say those three words to her whenever I’d leave. The driver suddenly brakes and looks into the rearview mirror. “WHAT?!” he screams back formally pissed off.
“Uhm nothing, it’s okay. I thought I saw something. I am sorry.” Looking around the back seat I try to find my phone.

I finally can find my phone in my pocket. I have never pressed in her number this fast before and hold the phone to my ear. It dials.


“God, I hope she picks up.”, my voice is rough from screaming.


“Come on Emma” I whisper.


“Please…” my legs start to tremble.

“Hello.”, I hear her voice. My smile is wide. I regret screaming at her like that earlier. “Em, babe, I just want to say tha-” before I can even finish my sentence I get interrupted by her.
“This is Emma. I’m not availabe right now. Maybe I turned off my phone or something. Please leave me a message if it’s something important, bye!”. Oh boy, no. I should leave a message. I mean, it is something important, right?

I can hear the beep.
“Hey Em, I just want to say that I’m so sorry what just happened. You know that I love you. I’ll see you in seven days babe!”. Another beep comes through my phone. I look at the time: 6:37.

The driver looks at me.
“What are you waiting for? I have to be there in 20 minutes. Get it going!”. He just gives me a look. The tires squeal as we drive off.

Before I even notice it we have arrived at the airport. I get my things together and get ready to jump out of the car but when I look at my phone I see that it’s only 6:58am. I am punctual. Relieved I let out a deep breath.

I can see Andre trough the window, and Francis. Then I spy Nina and Woody. Where’s Jen? And Sam? Jena and Liam are missing, too. Not even their suitcases are there.

I  get out of the car and I hear Andre saying “You two like it to always come at the last minute.”. He probably doesn’t see that I’m alone. I try to find Jen, maybe she’s on the toilet. She always has to pee before we go into a plane.

“Where’s Emma?” asks Woody. My stomach turns. I don’t want to answer but I think being in a bad mood won’t help me to get my head free this week either.

“At home, she..she has to work.” that’s anything I can get out of my mouth. Everyone looks at me confused. Emma always loved to come with me when I had to travel for work.

I get my suitcase and make my way into the airport to find the other ones. It’s  crowded inside.

Through the voices of all the people around me I can suddenly hear Jen’s laugh. She only laughs out loud when something is really funny.
I go around a corner and  finally see them. She is sitting on a bench when she sees me and starts to wave me over.

That’s weird. Jen always jumps into my arms when we see each other. And we haven’t seen each other in a long time. She’s always so happy to see me, except when she’s with Nick.

Nick! I can see him next to her. He doesn’t like me that much, I guess. He always seems to be jealous when Jen and I have so much fun in interviews or at events. And now he’s here. Ready to fly to Paris with his girlfriend. Great! Just great!

When I come closer I can see Sam with Laura, Liam with his girlfriend and Jena with her boyfriend. Everyone of them has his significant other with them and then there’s me. I’m here alone and I’ll spend a week with four couples in Paris while my girlfriend probably sits at home doing her ‘very important’ stuff.

Before anyone could ask me about her, Francis comes and says that we have to get ready to board the plane now.

In the plane I sit next to Woody. Usually I either sit next to Em or Jen. But this time Em is not with me and of course Jen sits next to Nick.
I try to sleep a bit while the plane takes off, leaving Los Angeles behind. Leaving Emma behind.

I can’t sleep. Instead I pull out my phone and send her a text as long as we are still allowed to use it.

Hey babe,

r u okay? you didn’t pick up when I called you.

please call me back soon. I love you.

I hope she will respond.

What is she probably doing right now?

She is probably working anyways.

Open Your Eyes -- Three

Alright, I’m starting to get the hint that you guys might not like this story? I don’t know… This chapter will be the final test, if I get good notes and reviews on this chapter then I will continue to post this story, but if I don’t, then I’ll take the hint and stop. I mean, if you guys aren’t feeling it, then I can’t make you like it. (:

Oh well, let’s go ahead and get on with it. I’ll see soon enough. If you need to catch up on previous chapters, you can read them here

As always, credit and inspiration for this story go to: eatsleepbreathejosh


Three: Best First Date Ever

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Chapter 7

I am so sorry this took so long to get out. I had some problems with my email. Thank you for being so patient. Thank you Kristi for helping me out with this chapter so much, and being patient.

Aspen’s POV

I woke up in a cold sweat, tossing and turning. I looked over to the alarm clock perched on the night stand. 2:23. Last night’s events were being played out in my dreams.

Josh quickly walked out of the living room and out onto the back deck. He didn’t shut the glass door, and I heard him whispering into the receiver.

“Listen. I get it, you want to spend time with me but I can’t right now.” He pauses for the response of whoever he is talking to. “I know.” Pause. “You miss me, I understand that.” Silence. “We can’t do that anymore.”

Who the hell can he be talking to?

“Yes, I know that me and Aspen aren’t together and she doesn’t eve-“ Pause. “Babe, okay.”

Wait, why was he calling this girl babe?

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