Every week sitting in court waiting for your turn, you listen to hundreds of eviction applications, and you are likely to see at least 20 people sitting in the gallery trying to stop the situation from happening or at least another 20 people protesting outside, because they say they’ve been paying their rental etc. (A lot of the time it’s true: they have, and the person they were paying it to, has disappeared with the money, or doesn’t pay it to the landlord).

One element of an eviction application is that the City of Johannesburg has to be cited as a party to the proceedings, in order for the City to state whether or not it has adequate places for the people to move or be moved to, in order to fulfil or give effect to the constitutional right to housing . Most of the time the City will state that it doesn’t have buildings or places for people to live, which then makes the following REALLY interesting :

There is an artist/activist (or probably a huge bunch of artists) going around central Jozi doing this ^^^.

Using water soluble paint, the artists are protesting the abuse of resources (particularly buildings) in the Johannesburg CBD by using art interventions to LITERALLY highlight the fact that there are a WHOLE BUNCH of potentially usable buildings that have been standing abandoned and derelict, which could be refurbished to give people places to live, but instead are going to be flattened into a place for people to park. That sucks. (The parking lots I mean…,) in light of the current housing problems in Jozi.

The art itself is an incredible way to point out to everyone how wasteful we’re being, and how warped our priorities are. 

Check out more pictures, and their tumblr here. 


This has nothing to do with a wedding but rather looking at the contrast of the what the dress represents and the area in which its shot.

Introducing Kamilla Leefrom RabieRidge an aspiring Model and Poet.
We shot this stills series for Women’s Month in Ivorypark a squatta camp section called “SmallStreet”. This is just a preview and we shooting the video to the stills series. Thanks to Bubele-bakhe Matebeni and Thabiso Notch Moepi

‪#‎Using‬ Creativity to Create Change

A great way to end a great weekend. Thank you @innercitypicnics. We had a proper jive. Spent the day with really awesome people in an awesome environment. We were on a rooftop, in Braamfontein my favorite place, had a proper view of the city, great people and music and had this lady 👉 @dlpelle by my side❤️ best day! Thanks once again @innercitypicnics. @yvesafterdef @x_tshezi 🙌
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