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interesting perspectivei felt like not only was joe supposed to be gleefulhe also was supposed to be dancing a bit more like donald o’connorwhich is sort of loose-limbed and fastwhereas gene was more of a powerhousei’m just speaking as a laypersonand that might be me still thinking aboutwhat i thought this was going to be,but the name seems to be a reference stilljglchris messina.

For sure JGL’s dance style was a stylistic choice! He’s also a less precise dancer in general, though. That’s a critique but not necessarily a criticism, if that makes sense.

You can tell precision isn’t his focus by where he lands, if that makes sense. I mean, it’s always harder for dancers with longer limbs to hit marks with the precision that compact dancers can, just like Chris will never be able to make loose-limbed look free (rather than sloppy) the way JGL can. That’s the reality of physique in dance. (It’s also why I roll my eyes at the concept of the ‘perfect ballet body’, but that’s a story for another time.)

That said, JGL for sure isn’t as strong as Chris is, and he isn’t as well-balanced in terms of the strength he does have - he’s got the curse we all have of favouring one side and not working hard enough to build strength on the other.

All that means that while his style was capitalised on for this work (which they all created together, let’s not forget! Of course he’s going to build his character around his own style!) the weaknesses of that style are still apparent, and misplaced arms, a loose core and missed marks are part of that.



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