Unimaginable Perspective by wen

“I see things that other people don’t see.”

“Like the good in people?”


Like Dragons.”

         - MadisenMusic


RegularJOE (Director) Comment: “Hadn’t seen this til now. You really found a non-obvious way to illustrate this text. It doesn’t merely accompany MadisenMusic’s dialogue, it ADDS to it. Bravo..”



ILLUSTRATORS: Draw the visuals from THIS VISUAL REQUEST LISTIMPORTANT NOTE: All visuals in the Convalescent Home should be in Black & WhiteAll visuals in the Cruise Ship Flashback & the Dance Studio scenes should be in Color.

ANIMATORS: Animate these visuals for THIS SHORT FILM. You can find the Script for this short film HERE.


NOTE: High-res green screen footage will be coming soon!